If you’ve ever attended a Super Art Fight at the Ottobar, you know what this cutie is. For the rest of you, Stompadon is a character/persona created by Kelsie Wailes. When Stompadon takes the stage, art fighters tremble with fear. Stompy’s win record is quite impressive making the beast one of our fiercest competitors. And cutest!

Ever since Kelsey put on the blue monster head, I’ve been wanting a plush version to protect my home from the terror of the Grumpasaurus. Fortunately, enough people bugged her for Stompadon plushies that she actually got a prototype made! It’s absolutely adorable. If you’d like one of your very own, she’s raising money through Kickstarter to fund a proper production run. If you’re an early adopter, you can bring home your very own Stompadon for $20. There are 33 slots left as of this writing so you better hurry. When the $20 slots fill up, you can still get just the plushie for $25.

The campaign ends January 17 so there’s plenty of time to claim a Stompadon. The Kaiju style art print that Kelsey drew is absolutely wonderful. And the little clay versions are the cutest. So what are you waiting for? We can’t let 2013 fall to the sadness of the Grumpasaurus. We must have our Stompadon army! Check out the page for photos of the rewards.