Pardon the Dust

I am not entirely certain what I’m going to do with this thing there.  AZM started as a webcomic and morphed into some sort of sprawling blog cataloging my favorite and not so favorite things from around the web.  I also started up Monster Cutie which initially started out as an illustration tutorial site and has now morphed into… uh… I have no idea.  There’s also Jamihn which used to be my portfolio which I haven’t properly updated in forever.

Since I’ve started Yellow Peril, much of my focus has been on pushing the comic as much as I can.  Most of my online activity circles around YP.  As a result, my other sites have kind of fell by the way side.

There’s nothing worse than a dead blog.  So for 2013, I want to dust things off.  AZM will continue to catalog the cool things that I find on the webs.  MC will focus on my illustration, toy, tutorial things.  Not sure what Jamihn will be but it’ll be something.  YP will keep trucking on.  And eventually, I’ll consolidate things and come up with some kind of unified branding for all the crap that I do so it’s not so disparate.

Part of that is rebranding all the sites.  I don’t really have time to design them all at once so I’m going to slap on a basic theme and develop the brand treatments as I go.  All of this is a long way of saying, pardon the dust as I start to shake things up a little for the new year.