Heavy Metal Playing Heavy Metal

Compressorhead is literally the most metal band in the world.  That’s Fingers on guitar, Bones on bass, and Stickboy on drums.  Fingers has 78 fingers specially designed to hit every note on the fretboard and pick strings like a whirlwind.  Bones appears to be just as chill as a regular, meat person bass player.  Stickboy has four arms and two legs to beat the shit out of his 14 piece Pearl kit with Stickboy Junior working the hihat.  I’m actually kind of glad they don’t have a singer.  We don’t need no damn Autotune fucking up our metal!

I am all for teaching Skynet how to rawk!  It keeps her distracted from figuring out the most efficient way to kill us in the coming robot apocalypse.  Australian metal fans are in luck.  Compressorhead is coming to a town near you this month.  Hopefully, it will be successful enough to kick off a world tour!