Nerdshaming is BULLSHIT

First, we had Tony Harris complaining about “Fake Nerd Girls.” Now, we have Portlandia with this faux PSA.

Fuck. This. Bullshit.

I’m not sure what you’re point is here, Brian. If the term “nerd” is shameful, why do you care if some random girl at a bar claims the label? Are you trying to save the guy she’s chatting up from an evening of sex? Is she preventing you from talking to the guy at the bar about TNG and Skyrim? Are you afraid that other people will associate you with the girl because she calls herself a nerd?

Are you trying to warn cute girls that if they call themselves nerds they will be ostracized? I mean, seriously, what is the fucking point of this entire fucking thing?

The entire reason you have a TNG to nerd about is because people from all walks of life fell in love with the original Star Trek after years of reruns. If Star Trek TOS nerds kicked everyone else off of their lawn, there would be no TNG. There would be no video game industry if it didn’t appeal to a broad spectrum of gamers so you’d have no Skyrim to nerd over. There would be no Avengers movie if the comic nerds kicked everyone else off of their lawn.

All those things you mentioned in your nerdshaming PSA, all of those things depend on non-nerds spending their money so nerdy things can get made. So really, what’s the point in shaming people away from your toys? Get. Over. Your. Shit.