Urbance, A Gorgeously Stylized Update to Romeo And Juliet

This trailer for Urbance from Steambot Studios is absolutely stunning. No word on when or where it will premier, but we have a description of the story:

In the big city, gender war rises. Sex is prohibited because of a genetic deadly virus. Ruled by hate and anger, boys and girls grow up apart from each other, forming rivals gangs.

Among these lost teenagers, Kenzell and lesya will fight adversity and defy all the rules in order to live their love and restore peace.

It’s an interesting twist on the star-crossed lovers angle. You can bet in a series starring mostly teenagers, that separation of the genders won’t last too long. From the detailed backgrounds to the slick animation, every frame of this trailer is dripping with neon awesome. I can’t wait to see it wherever it drops!

From: Steambot Studios