Coke is Killing You

I don’t drink alcohol or smoke or do anything fun, but I do drink an unhealthy amount of soda. Coca-Cola is my beverage of choice with root beer coming in a close second. I know it’s horrible for me, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. And I guess that’s part of the problem.

For a long time now, health advocates have pointed to sugary beverages as one of the leading causes of obesity in this country. There have been countless scientific studies linking sugary beverages to over average weight gain. It seems the pressure has finally gotten to the beverage companies. Coca-Cola recently released a commercial highlighting the actions they are taking to fight obesity.

Though it is admirable for a beverage company to come clean and admit they could be contributing to the problem, some think this ad doesn’t quite come clean. YouTube user John Pemberton decided to swap out the original voice over with his own, seemingly more honest version.

If you want to be healthy, don’t drink the shit.

Easier said than done, I know. Even with all the knowledge of all the health problems and having friends who have struggled with diabetes, I still drink the liquid poison. Sometimes, it’s to keep myself awake during the dull work day or late at night when it’s time to crank out comics. Sometimes, I just like the taste. Because I’m a fucking lab rat. Ugh.

  • Cloudster47

    Yep. When I worked for the state far too many years ago, I would wait for a holiday like Labor Day or the 4th of July and buy a half dozen flats of Pepsi six-packs. I’d drink two or three a day, maybe more. I switched to drinking water and iced tea. I have a soda occasionally, but no where near the quantity that I used to drink. And I try to drink real sugar soda rather than high fructose corn syrup soda.

    Another thing they don’t mention is the acid in soda can contribute to osteoporosis.

    I now drink 2-4 liters of water a day. While on a road trip I met a friend of mine in Barstow, CA (garden spot of the universe) whom I worked with when I was drinking that much Pepsi. After dinner we were standing in the parking lot talking, I got in to my car and pulled out a liter bottle of water. It freaked him out that I was no longer drinking soda.

    As far as alcohol, I drink very little, mainly because I can’t find liquor that I like. Having said that, I brought home from Phoenix a really nice bottle of Muscat Asti from Trader Joe’s that is exactly the kind of wine that I like. The key to drinking, and any other consumption, is moderation. A drink a week is not going to significantly hurt you, and if it’s red wine, might help you.

  • El Padawan

    Switching can be hard, but not necessarily. Just forget to buy your pack once during your weekly groceries trip. See what happens. When you’ll be thirsty, you’ll just take something else. And if you’re tired, maybe you’ll make yourself a nice warm teapot. :)

  • Kunoichi

    A couple cans of soda a week are ok, just like the overly honest ad says. Likewise, regular corn syrup is no different than consuming maple syrup in your food (inferior, but health wise, the same). High fructose corn syrup on the other hand, is a problem. A glass of wine a day is good for you.

    I cut myself off from soda except for gaming night several years ago, and nowadays I find that I only like the taste of a very few sodas, and anything that’s corn-syrup based rather than cane-sugar or beet-sugar barely passes my lips at all. And it wasn’t just the actual “sodas” I cut off, either. It was also all canned beverages, like Brisk teas and Minute Maid lemonade.

    Know what? Not only does it make me healthier, I have a tad bit more money. Soda at restaurants is a racket, and making a jug of tea every evening is still cheaper than a 2-liter of soda.

    • Jamie Noguchi

      I definitely have to get on the tea bandwagon. I think it’s a good alternative to get the caffeine fix.

  • kaze

    you’re drinking roundup pesticide when you drink corn syrup beverages. about 90% of the US corn crop is gmo. anything air fertilized by other gmo’s becomes gmo part. you will suffer organ digestive problems if you ingest gmo corn products. these seeds have been outlawed in saner countries in the Europe, and are protected by Monsanto lawyers installed in the FDA here in the US. Don’t drink this shit and don’t eat this shit, and most of all put this shit on boycot.