From Trek to Wars, JJ Abrams Owns the Stars

By now, you’ve heard that JJ Abrams will be directing Star Wars Episode VII.  The Hollywood Reporter announcement is as official as it gets.  There is some question on the release dates.  Disney wants Episode VII to hit theaters in 2015.  Abrams has not committed to that date which kind of shows how desperate they were to get him to direct.

Certainly, this is good news for fandom.  Abrams and crew have done wonders for the Star Trek film franchise revitalizing it in the best way possible.  They definitely have reverence for the source material but are more than willing to make big changes despite possible fan outcry.  All indications point to the next chapter in the Star Wars saga being quite good.

Still, there’s one thing that nags at the back of my fanboy mind.  What is this next trilogy going to be about?  For all intents a purposes, the Skywalker saga is over.  Episodes I, II, and III chronicle the fall of Anakin.  Episodes IV, V, and VI are really about his redemption.  As awful as the prequels are, they fit nicely into Anakin’s anti-hero journey.  How will these next three fit into that cycle?  Can the next three fit into that cycle?

Now, I haven’t followed any of the expanded universe stuff so I have no idea if there’s already an cannon episode VII, VIII, and IX.  It would make sense to me for the story to pick up with Han and Leia’s kids which could be kind of cool.  It might be interesting to see Luke, despite all of his best intentions, fall like his father did and become the villain for the next three with the Solo kids fighting against him.

Though I definitely think the franchise is in good hands, I won’t really get excited until I hear what the next three are going to be about.

  • torsoboy

    Luke went on to found a new Jedi Order, and the comic series Dark Empire shows his willing “fall” to the Dark Side, which ended up being a successful ruse to kill the Clone Emperor. It’s one of my favorite comic series, and Luke pulls a fun trick with Han during an escape that would be fun to see on screen. But I doubt they’ll do anything related to the Expenaded Universe, other than maybe pulling names and locations, and maybe even ship designs (since Clone Wars has been digging rather deep for them). Whatever the case is, since they’re going with VII +, it’s clear their intent is to move forward in the timeline, so hopefully we’ll see sort of a Golden Age for the New Republic kind of thing, to keep it relatively up-beat with Episodes I and IV.

    Whatever happens, I really hope he doesn’t try to “stick with tradition. I hope he tosses tradition out the window and makes it his own.

    • Jamie Noguchi

      Wholeheartedly agree! The franchise needs a fresh start. I really hope JJ and crew have the stones to keep nostalgia at bay.

  • Kyle Wright

    They were cheeztastic but I loved the “Young Jedi knights” books as a kid. It followed the story of Han and Leia’s kids as they trained at Luke’s school for new Jedi.

    • torsoboy

      See there you go. They could make a movie about Anakin Solo dying, and I think that would make most, if not all of the Star Wars fans happy. :P

  • Alon Rand

    The Expanded Universe has proceeded with a reasonably cohesive canon of events up through ~40 years following the events of the OT. It’s been an extremely busy half-century, too, with a couple of massive wars that dwarf the scale of the Galactic Civil War chronicled in the movies, one of which was the abortive rise and fall of another Sith Empire in all but name, and one of which was a huge invasion by an extragalactic race bent on eradicating all technology (all their stuff was biological). There’s also a comic series that jumps forward roughly another century, following a descendant of Luke Skywalker as he attempts to overthrow another new Sith Empire, run by a large-scale Sith Order (no Rule of Two for them, there are hundreds of them).

    All the early reports and rumors suggest that the new trilogy is going to be beginning roughly 50 years after the OT, and so will effectively leapfrog all the established EU canon. It will give them the room to bring in old characters (those still alive, anyway – there are a few OT characters that have since died) without having to directly overturn much of the EU materials. It also means they can bring the same actors back on board to reprise such roles, and not have to try to make them look younger than they are. Several of the members of the OT cast have publicly expressed a willingness to return for at least small roles in a new trilogy, and there’s been some hints that such cameos are being planned.

  • Bobbie Randolf

    There was a great comic set a century from the last movie. It followed Luke’s Great grandson. I would love to see some of that.

  • kaze

    If Abrams can keep the same tones from the 70’s movies, and take it easy on the fucking lens flare; then yea I expect a pretty good movie. that over saturated bright style just doesn’t fit well in the star wars colour scheme. if there’s lens flare on say hoth in the middle of a cloud less day. then yea ok makes sense. let people know it’s bright as an establishing shot then turn the fucking effect off. don’t be the Mike Bay of fens flares is all I’m trying to say really. keep that bs out of my star wars.