The Fate of the Justice League is in the Hand of the Man of Steel

The Man of Grey

The Man of Grey

According to this report in Variety, Warner Bros will be watching the Man of Steel box office numbers very closely.  If the reboot performs well, they’re all set to break out their OA Battery and greenlight a Justice League film.  If it performs badly, we’ll probably never get to see Wonder Woman on screen.

I don’t like the way Warner Bros is approaching this project.  It feels like a blatant cash grab.  Marvel planted the seeds for The Avengers across five movies, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger.  Though each movie was a complete entity of its own, they all felt like they took place in the same universe.  Warner Bros hasn’t established any connection between any of their super hero films.  From the previews, I can believe that Man of Steel takes place in the same grey universe as Dark Knight.  But how does Fail Jorden (Ryan Reynolds) fit in?  The Green Lantern version of Coast City has way too many colors.

Filling out the rest of the Justice League lineup are Flash and Wonder Woman.  This means at least two origins will need to be told.  And honestly, since we don’t know what version of Bats or Green Lantern we’re getting, we might need refreshers on those two jabronis as well.  Two origins is kind of pushing it.  Four would be a fucking nightmare.

My biggest problem with all of this is the appalling lack of a proper live action Wonder Woman movie.  DC’s trinity is Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.  So many Bat flicks.  So many Supes flicks.  Both have had reboots, refreshes, recasting, refuckeverything.  Wonder Woman, not so much.  We got Linda Carter and that aborted TV pilot and that’s it on the live action front.  There’s CW series in the works which sounds bloody awful.  But no movie!

This is a crime against nerdom.  We’ve had Ripley, Sarah Connor, Buffy, Leeloo Corban Dallas Mooltipass, Selene, Jane Smith, Nikita, but we can’t have the baddest badass woman of them all?  Bull. Shit.  In general, I’m dismayed at the lack of women in super hero flicks, but it’s an absolute travesty that we haven’t had a live action Wonder Woman film yet.  In the new damn millennium.  We get new Star Wars but no Wonder Woman? How does that shit make sense.

From: Variety


  • FmF

    No it not a cash grab attempt it not like they saw what marvel did and said “Oh fuck that a lot of cash,Quickly through something together to convince people we have other hero’s beside batman.”I think it a blatant cash grab.Just by saying if this dose good we will do this can be view in 2 way A they have no faith in any of their property and B say what you may about the marvel movie they honestly poor their blood and tears in to making the Avengers.This level of dedication to their product,they simply do not have and even if Superman make money this mind set will kill their other movies.

  • Dylan

    I think the most major issue with Wonder Woman, besides the sexism, is that she doesn’t have a clear archnemesis like Superman and Batman do. If you asked a person who their greatest rival was 90% would say Lex Luthor and Joker respectively; Wonder Woman doesn’t have that. The archnemesis is intended to be the embodiment of what the hero fights against, but when asking who Wonder Woman’s archnemesis is there is no clear answer; some would say Ares, some say Cheetah, or perhaps someone else. The point I’m trying to make is that there is no clear dichotomy of hero vs villain, the proverbial yin yang, in the Wonder Woman comics and makes it just that bit more difficult to create the kind of plot that can fit into a single movie about her.
    And for the record I hold that if Warner really wants to do the Justice League they are going to have to start from scratch because the current Batman does not fit with this kind of universe and Green Lantern just plain needs a better movie to make this whole thing a success.

  • Darren J. Gendron

    Ahem. Katniss.

    Also, I still say that you can make a standalone Justice League movie, where you can’t do that with Avengers.

    If it weren’t for the movies, the Avengers are normally known to a non-comic reader as “That team with Captain America,” and it would also have been known as “Huh, I guess this is also a team with The Hulk on it?”

    And what groundwork did Avengers really actually lay out? They introduced Tony Stark, Thor and Loki, then explained where Cap has been for 50 years. That’s it. Hawkeye is “guy that shoots arrows really well, I think his name is Clint?” Black Widow is “red-headed spy, and is she supposed to be Russian?”

    Justice League doesn’t have to introduce Batman or Superman. They’re two of the most recognizable characters on the planet. Wonder Woman isn’t that far behind in recognition. Then you add in Flash as “guy that runs fast,” Green Lantern as “Guy with magic/sciencey ring” and Aquaman as “guy that holy crap Commands Sharks,” and we’re still playing with characters that have had cartoons for ages. The only heroic origin you’d really need is Martian Manhunter, and that could be a major plot point. Tie the threads of “holy crap Superman is an alien” and “Green Lantern is a space cop” to someone like Batman trying to protect Gotham from an extra terrestrial problem (both Starro spores and Manhunter). Batman then pulls together the league like a utility belt. Superman recruits Flash by trying to beat him in a foot race, Green Lantern and Supes cooperate to recruit who the Lanterns think is in charge of earth (Aquaman by 3/4s majority), and Aquaman brings in Diana. Let some Starro spores hop on faces, have the heroes battle each other, and have Martian Manhunter go psychic to save the day and be invited onto the League. That’s a 2-hour popcorn movie blockbuster, and they’ll mess it up by having the villain be too complicated.

    • torsoboy

      Sure, before the movies, the Avengers was a less widely-known comic entity. But you can’t ignore the fact that Marvel came out swinging and and hit it out of the park. In doing so, they set up a schema that is pretty well engrained in the minds of movie goers: Give each of your lead characters at least one movie and then go for the combo movie. That way they can tell a bigger story in the combo movie without having to muck it up with back stories (and make as much money along the way at the same time).

      Even though everyone knows who Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are, you have to remember that the movies will always be treated as separate entities from the comics. They can mesh it all together easily in the comics, but these realistic movies have different variables to consider. Acting styles and interactions among the actors and actresses, directing styles, artistic direction, set designs, atmosphere, etc. Since it’s evident that the characters set up in previous DC movies won’t fit in with this new Supes in a JL movie, they’ll have to explain why it’s all different from previous movies by providing back stories. Remember, movie goers want everything laid out on a silver platter. That’s why these super hero movies aren’t terribly intricate, and that’s a big part of why the Avengers was so successful as a movie.

      Marvel set it up so that the movie goers’ experience is as follows: building up, building up, building up. Warner Bros. / DC seems to be going about it like this: isolated moviie, isolated movie, start over, build up, combo, trickle down, trickle down, trickle down. That’s lost them some respect from movie goers and the comic community, and it’s really not giving ANY incentive to the movie goer to expect much out of future endeavors. Marvel didn’t really do anything special other than “get it right” from a business standpoint, and while DC’s made some isolated hits, their JL combo movie outlook is a big mess right now, by comparison.