The Extended Iron Man 3 Superbowl Trailer

If you were too busy watching the Baltimore fight its way to victory against San Francisco to go to the facebooks and look up the extended Iron Man 3 trailer, here it is in all it’s sassy glory.  We get some new clips mixed in with things we’ve seen in previous trailers.  Nothing terribly revealing, but as I suspected, the more I see the new suit in action, the more I like it.  And I still think the Mandarin’s rings look like low budget, Cracker Jack toys.  Blech.
  • Cowdog

    Gotta agree about the rings. Couldn’t they have put a little effort into it? We’re not exactly expecting The One Ring or anything, but maybe rings that are a little low key, but with serious detail? Hell, they could even CGI those badboys on closeups and put some serious work into them.