Leave It to the Cartoonist Olds to Continually Shit on Webcomics

I apparently live under some kind of boulder.  Until reader Kurt Griffin wrote in, I totally missed Gary Trudeau shitting on the web.  February 2’s Doonesbury poses the question, “What happens to comics if newspapers go away?”  Panels two and three are left blank.  Panel four delivers the sucker punch, “Feel how empty your life became? If only for a second?”

Yes, yes, we know. The web, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.  Ugh.

The idea that comics can only be properly enjoyed in print is laughable, especially when the ones usually making this argument are syndicated cartoonists whose work regularly appears on their syndicates websites!  I will concede that reading comics in print and online are much different experiences.  But I don’t think one is more rich than the other.

The funny thing is, by leaving those two panels wide open, Gary has created the perfect platform for a webcomic meme.  A number of cartoonists have decided to fill those empty panels with their own punchlines.

Thanks again to Kurt for sending this my way.  I can’t wait to see those blank panels filled with more webcomic goodness!