Journey Beyond Steve Perry

I guess I’m kind of a Journey fan.  I don’t know their catalog or history as well as Metallica or KISS (don’t ask), but I like to walk into an 80’s arcade with “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” blasting on the speakers as much as the next user entering the grid.  I watched one of those VH1 Behind the Music documentaries on the band and their Steve Perry days and I gotta say, as much as Steve Perry shaped the sound of Journey that plays in most people’s heads, he came off as kind of a controlling dick.  It’s no small wonder that the band decided to go on without him.

The next part of the story begins with a YouTube clip.  Journey was looking for a new front man.  One of the band members clicked on a clip of some little dude singing a Journey cover in some little club and was completely blown away.  That little dude with a huge fucking voice was Arnel Pineda.  Journey had found their new front man.  Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey follows Arnel’s rise to fame.  It’s an amazing story and looks like an excellent documentary.

Of course, the lesson here is to always put your shitty little cover gigs on YouTube.  You never know who’s gonna click on that shit.