The Harlem Shake

The KSLA news team does a fine job of explaining it:

Now let’s see how many of these things you can get through without loosing your brain.

This one was the first one I ever saw:

This one features friend of Super Art Fight Caldwell Tanner dancing with a cane and sunglasses:

An army? Because?

Jimmy Falon gets in on the action:

Buzzfeed’s version features people in the background coming to the office for meetings. I love their WTF looks as the entire office is wigging out:

The Exocrist version made me laugh my ass off:

But if you really want to know how to dance to this song, here’s Emily Sasson and Victoria Quintana working the hell out of it!

So, if you’re brain isn’t too badly broken, do you have a favorite version that’s not on here?