Okay, Glass, Show Me Things

Sure, the glasses still look really goofy, but this first-person view of what Google Glass looks like when you’re wearing it is all kinds of awesome.  I would guess that some Google engineers are fans of Warren Ellis’s Transmetropolitan because these are Spider Jerusalem’s glasses made real.  Actually, if they looked like Spider’s I’d buy them in a heart beat.  The HUD looks quite elegant and intuitive although you’ll sound like an absolute twit to anyone around you when you talk to your glasses.
If you’ve $1500 to spare, you can apply to be an early adopter.  In 50 words or less, tell Google what you’d do with glass.  If you’re chosen, you’ll have to get out to New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles to pick up your Glass in person.  I would use Glass to stream me working on comics and other art projects.  And Art Fights.  But I don’t have a free $1500 lying around so I’ll just have to wait for a consumer version that’s affordable.  Or that looks like Spider’s glasses.