Normally, I’d be a little upset at a trailer for revealing so many awesome things like ALL THE SUITS. But in this case, it makes me want to see Iron Man 3 all that much more.  It also looks like Pepper gets her moment to shine.

As awesome as it all looks, I still can’t get over how horrible the Mandarin’s rings continue to look.  But I think I’ll get over that easily while I drool over ALL THE SUITS!

  • MasterMacMaverick

    The only thing to make it better, would be to see Pepper in her own suit!!

    But the HulkBuster at the very end is supreme!!!

  • Wayne Zombie

    Interesting. I wonder if The Armor Wars will be the next movie. IIRC, too many years ago Armor Wars (I could have the title wrong or they may have had another since then) was when Tony’s tech was stolen and used around the world and he went on a crusade to destroy it. If he’s got a dozen people with his suits, I hope he has an off-switch!