Google Glass Could Kill Your Love Life

Though this sketch presents a humorous take on dating with Google Glass, I kind of feel like this is pretty accurate if the technology becomes as widespread as smart phones. Already, I have friends who bury their faces in their smart phones when we’re hanging out.  It’s actually quite annoying.  If I’m that fucking boring, why do you bother hanging out with me in the first fucking place?  And as much as I hate it, I’m totally guilty of doing the same damn thing.

Google Glass makes digital distraction so much more seamless.  It’ll be more difficult to tell whether or not your friends are really hanging out with you or surfing the net while you’re pontificating about the finer points of Kamen Rider Kuuga’s Ultimate Rising form.

Although, your friends will probably tune out anyway if you spend your time talking about Ultimate Rising form.  Hmm… maybe that’s why they always bury their face in their phone when they hang out with me.

  • Wayne Zombie

    Cute! Yeah, I expect shit like that to become fairly common place when Glass starts general release. People’s attention spans are bad enough as-is without something like that actually being in your face. I’m wondering what society is going to be like over the next 20 years as people lose the ability to communicate face-to-face.