Making That Indie Comic Swag



Jim Zub is the second hardest working man in comics, the first being Erik Ko.  It’s little wonder that the two hardest working bros in comics work at the same place, UDON Entertinament.  When Jim isn’t slinging noodles with the rest of the gang, he’s writing and promoting his own creator owned project, Skullkickers.

If you’re interested in publishing your own comics on the web or in print, you should already be following Jim Zub’s blog.  His candid posts about the industry are a MUST READ for any and all creators.  He recently posted about how Skullkickers has done financially since its debut and the results are sobering.

Jim is a great guy and absolutely loves comics.  He’ll tell it to you straight.  His advice on portfolio reviews is especially useful for any hopefuls out there.  So check out his recently post and then archive dive the hell out of his blog and get you some proper comic industry education.