The Question That Must Not Be Answered


I’ve fallen behind on my Doctor reviews and I apologize for that.  I’ll get to them, maybe in a batch or something, but I’m still watching the show and keeping up with it.

So, the BBC dumped a whole mess of posters for upcoming episodes including this one for “The Name of the Doctor.”  And lookie whose name is in the credits!  That’s right, River is back.  I suspect that we won’t actually learn the Doctor’s for real name, but I have a feeling this episode is going to be legendary.  Clara and River in the same place can’t be good, especially not with all the flirting between Clara and the Doctor.  By the finally, I fully expect the TARDIS to be a Snog Box.

I’m also looking forward to “Journey to the Center of the TARDIS.”  As big as it is on the inside, we rarely get to see much beyond the control room.  It would be really cool to see all the crazy passages and hidden rooms that are flitting about in there.

From: Bleeding Cool