Thor, The Dark World

Holy fuck, this thing looks intense!

I thought the first Thor movie was a lot of fun.  The chemistry between Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth was adorable.  And, of course, Tom Hiddleston as Loki absolutely killed.  I’m excited to see Natalie back although it looks like we’re being set up for ALL THE FEELS.  Dammit, trailer, you giveth and then you taketh away!  But at least we have some Asgard Bros action to look forward to.

  • torsoboy

    I’m thinking that the movies lately are trying to tell us that glowy glass-enclosed prison cells are in. Metal bars are totally out. Like, soooooo pre-2013.

    • Jamie Noguchi

      That thing does seem a little out of place, even with Asgards science/magic thing going on. Everything is all gold and burnished and there’s this pristine bright white cell with neon lights and shit.

      • torsoboy

        Maybe we’re to take it as a “lack of” all the grandeur of Asgard. Nasty, dark, and grimy seem to be out of place in Asgard in general, so the bright whites could be viewed as simply “blank space.”

  • Wayne Zombie

    This was pretty cool, should be fun. I wonder if they’re going to do a Solo Avengers movie every six months. With multiple production companies, should be doable.

    According to Wired, they’re talking about Hiddleston in a reboot of The Crow series.