Guitar Dragon

guitarDragonYou can probably tell by the infrequency of posts over here, but I’ve been mad busy.  I’m getting ready to launch a Kickstarter for my second Yellow Peril collection which launches next Monday, May 6 (MY BIRTHDAY!) so geeky postings may be sporadic for the foreseeable future.

In the mean time, you can check out the progress on my top tier reward.  I’m painting a guitar body and documenting the process on my instamess account.  I’ve always wanted to customize and build guitars so I figured I’d use this is an excuse to get started.  This is on a dinky style body that’s back routed for humbucker/single/humbucker pickup configuration.  I’m painting with softbody acrylics which means they are water thin and fairly transparent, so it’s lots of layering.

If someone actually buys this thing, I might do some more.  I’ve got two spare bodies that could be customized.  One of them, I plan on actually turning into a guitar.