Why is the Impossible Girl so Impossibly Boring?

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I haven’t been keeping up with my Doctor Who episode reviews which I never thought would happen. Dalek Clara totally hooked me.  I was sad to see the Ponds go, but I was ready for some awesome adventures with Clara.  Now to be fair, we’ve had some really fun episodes with her.  She’s proven to be quite witty, brave, and able to out-talk the Doctor.  But part of her hook was the mystery of her existence.  And though we’ve seen Clara prove to be an excellent companion, in eight episodes, we’ve learned nothing further about what makes her so “impossible.”  It’s a little frustrating.

I’m assuming they’re saving up any big reveals for the 50th anniversary.  But it just makes the rest of the season feel like filler.  I also kind of feel like Dalek Clara and Victorian Clara did a lot more in their brief appearances than Companion Clara.  It feels like Companion Clara just follows along with the Doctor and does what he tells her whereas Dalek and Victorian Claras were more than willing to ignore him and do their own thing.  I’m fully confident that Dalek and Victorian Claras could save themselves.  Companion Clara, I’m not so sure.  Also, Companion Clara got upgraded to be super computer genius smart.  Yet we haven’t seen her computer her way out of anything save for that first episode.  Sure, a computer isn’t going to be useful against Mr. Sweet back in the Victorian era, but certainly she could have used a terminal to mess with the Cybermen.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still enjoy the hell out of the show and this has been a fun season.  But it just feels like there’s something missing.  Next week is the final episode of this season and it looks like we’re going to be learning a lot about the Doctor’s past.  I’m hoping we’ll also learn something about Clara.