Pacific Rim is Basically Kamen Rider W With Giant Robots!

I expect we’ll be getting more of these featurettes as we get closer to the release of Pacific Rim. In this latest one, we get an insight into how the Jaegers, the giant robots, are piloted.  Because they are so large, it takes two people to control a single Jaeger.  The pilots connect to the each other and the mech via the “Drift” which allows them to sync to the unit.  The pilots mirror the sides of a human brain, left and right.  While in the Drift, the pilots thoughts and memories are shared.  They are an open book to each other.  Piloting a Jaeger requires more than just skill.  It requires trust.

It’s a neat concept that I think will be the emotional crux of the film.  Can you imagine how fucked it would be if Asuka and Shinju had to Drift together?  But I’m not sure I like the two pilot idea.  I’m terribly biased by my love of Gundam.  In a Gundam, Mobile Suits are always piloted by a single individual.  More complex suits are piloted by New Types, evolved humans with expanded mental capabilities.  The idea that once we unlock the true potential of our minds, we can do just about anything is one of the basic themes of the Gundam universe that really appeals to me.  The New Type phenomenon is a great science fiction high concept that gives the audience hope for our species.

Now, who’s to say that one of these pilots won’t outgrow the Drift and go on to pilot a Jaeger by themselves.  I have to admit, that would be really cool to see.  And from a story stand point, the Drift also gives us more of a reason to give a shit about our characters.  The plot almost writes itself.

Still very excited to see this in theaters.