“Goodbye, Raggedy Man”

Amy and her Raggedy Man

This past weekend, we got word that the Doctor will be regenerating this November with the 50th anniversary special.  Matt Smith is hanging up his bow tie for something much cooler.

I really enjoyed Matt Smith’s take on the character.  You could see that his version of the Doctor carried such tremendous heart break even when he was twirling on his heels and throwing his arms in the air seemingly with no care in the world.  He had companions all around, yet he was the loneliest man in the ‘verse.  And dammit, he made fezes and bow ties cool.  This aspect of the Doctor came out so much more with Matt Smith than with previous Doctors.  All of the little quirks and turns he brought really made him a joy to watch, even when the episode dragged.  I’ll miss him and wish him well.

And so begins the speculation over the next Doctor.  If you really think about it, the 50th anniversary is the perfect time to introduce a new Doctor.  I don’t think John Hurt counts as I doubt he’ll be taking over.  Man, I’m still completely befuddled as to which regeneration Hurt is playing.  Some want Benedict Cumberbatch, some want Martin Freeman, I kinda want Idris Elba, some want a woman, some want a minority.  In all honesty, I want someone I haven’t seen before.  Never heard of Eccleston or Tenant or Smith before they were cast which was just perfect.  We didn’t know what to expect from them which gave them the freedom to bring their own personalities to the Doctor.  We will forever see them as the Doctor first, the actor second.  So even though my pants would be forever crunchy if Elba were cast, I’d love to see an unknown get the part.

Jenna-Louise Coleman has been confirmed for the eighth season so she’ll be breaking in the new Doctor along with the rest of us.  I loved the way she and Matt played off each other and really wish there was more of that in this last half of season seven.  I really thought she was terribly underused.  Hopefully, we’ll get to see Clara do a little more this time around.

I’m hopeful.  I think the 50th is going to be crazy good and I think this new Doctor will be just fine.