So I guess “The Fires of Pompei” was secretly a casting call.  Peter Capaldi was announced as the 12th Doctor (or is he technically the 13th) over the weekend.  I’m a little surprised because I was expecting someone I wasn’t too familiar with.  I know Matt Smith and David Tenant had done things before landing the role as the Doctor, but from what I understand, they were both relative unknowns.  Peter Capaldi has been in a whole mess of things. I guess I’m just used to someone I haven’t seen do things before.

I’m always excited for a new Doctor. There’s so much room for interpretation.  Colin Baker’s Six is the only Doctor I really couldn’t stand.  But for the most part, I’ve enjoyed seeing what each actor brings to the role.  They’re all different, yet they all somehow fit together.  So I’m looking forward to what Capaldi will bring with him.  I’m also curious to see if Clara will still be flirting with him as much as she did with Smith.  Will the TARDIS become the snog box that it was meant to be?!  Will we get a new sonic design?  Will the TARDIS get a new desktop?! AHHHH So many questions!!!  Christmas is too far awaaaaaay!!!!

And here’s a fan trailer of Capaldi as the new Doctor!  Oh my shit, this would be so awesome if this is the way he played it! HAHA!