Robocop 2014, I’d Buy That For A Dollar!

Never judge a man in a robot suit by a photo.

Remember when set photos of the new Robocop suit came out and everyone was complaining that he looked like shit?  Well, fuck that noise!  This trailer for the Robocop remake is fucking badass and the suit looks absolutely fantastic!

Those of us in the tokusatsu fandom know to never judge a suit by a photo alone.  There are plenty of busted ass looking Kamen Riders that are completely awesome.  And some awesome looking ones that are hella lame.

It doesn’t seem like this new version will have the same sort of biting social commentary as the first one, but it still looks like a lot of fun.

  • torsoboy

    What I think is funny (and fiercely annoying) about the internet fan rage about the new Robocop is that it’s a movie called “Robocop” where two things that 8-year-old boys love (robots and cops) are mashed together and set to dramatic music. LOL Sure there was political commentary out the wazoo in the original, but did the 8-year-old version of me pick up on that? Nope! Robot policemans! Yay! That’s literally all it’s ever been to me, and it doesn’t need to be any more than that for my inner 8-year-old me high-five my nearly 30-year-old current self. LOL

    • Jamie Noguchi


  • Wayne Zombie

    I think the suit looks fine, but I don’t know that I like the premise, especially that his memory is intact and his wife is complicit. The original had that emotional disconnect, and thus an emotional payback when Murphy begins remembering his previous life, and that isn’t happening here. This becomes another shoot-‘em-up with the programming imperative as a minor twist.

    I’m undecided if I want to see this, or just buy a copy of the original.
    A story from the production of the original. It took a lot of effort to get Weller in and out of his costume, so when the lunch break came, they left him in it and rigged up a gantry framework that he could just lean back in to to relax and eat his soup. And they put it in the elevator of the office building where they were filming, and let it ride up and down throughout the lunch hour. Apparently very few people would get on the elevator when it opened and you saw him leaned up against the framework.

    • torsoboy

      I love production stories and ghetto rigging like that to make the costume work in a practical manner on set under harsh filming schedules. In The Hobbit, the Dwarf costumes had air inlet ports under the outer layers so they could pump in cold air during breaks, so the actors wouldn’t have to de-suit.

  • Jack_T_Robyn

    Seems to be a different commentary for this one: something along the lines of personal morality vs. Duty/Following Orders.

  • JayDog

    Took the words right out of my mouth. You are right there are some Kamen Rider series that at first glance look shitty but are not. However your average movie goers are so negative from the get-go. I would not be surprised if this does not make it in the box office. It may see the same fate as Judge Dredd which was also an excellent movie.

  • Charlie Kelly

    id buy that for 99 cents on a dollar!!