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Legend of Korra: “The Guide” S2


It seems like the “Legend of Wan” was just what this show needed to get back on track.  I’m still puzzled as to why it’s taken so long, but whatever.  Last Friday’s episode, “The Guide,” was actually quite good.  Korra’s time within herself proved humbling.  Not sure why the first season didn’t stick with her, but it seems that her meeting with Wan, the first Avatar, has made a lasting impression.  She FINALLY apologizes to Tenzin for being such a jerkface and asks for his help.



We also see some growth from Tenzin who has been pretty stubborn during his family vacation.  I love that its his daughter, Jinora, who is tuned in to the Spirit World.  There’s something very zen about it.  Tenzin has been studying and trying so hard for so long that he’s somehow missed the point.  These are the kinds of subtleties that I loved so much about the original series.

I still roll my eyes whenever Mako is on screen.  And I’m pretty dismayed that Lin Bei Fong is so easily duped.  Maybe Lin is playing along to entrap Varrick.  But I have a good feeling about the second half of this season.  It kinda feels like a whole new show.