The Legend of Toddler Korra

Legend of Korra: “A New Spiritual Age” S1

So clearly I’m on board with Legend of Korra now.  Granted, it’s only been two episodes since the Legend of Wan, but still, I’m excited about the direction they’re taking the show.  For the most part.

If you were curious as to what Korra learned from Wan aside from how bending came to be, the answer is… not a whole lot.  She’s still hot tempered, lashing out at anyone or anything that doesn’t agree with her.  She’s like a super powered toddler which the Spirit World happily reveals to us when she gets separated from Jinora.

I think that’s how the writers have viewed Korra and looking back on the first part of Season 2, I can totally see it.  She may be physically older than Aang, but she has yet to gain any of his maturity.

Uncle Iroh makes a cameo in this episode. Thematically, it makes sense.  I can totally picture Iroh chilling with the spirits drinking tea.  Though Tenzin has done his best to guide Korra, I think she really needs someone like Iroh in her life.  It made me sad, though, to hear him not voiced by Mako.  I always imagined that I’d be at a convention that he was booked and that I’d get to meet him somehow to tell him how much his work has meant to me.  Ah well.

Who are you?

Who are you?

Wan Shi Tong also makes a cameo as well as Professor Zei.  It was cool to see the grumpy owl back in action.  Although, it’s dismaying to see how easily he’s duped by Unalaq.

No Mako or Asami or Bolin in this episode which I’m not too sorry about.  The whole Varrick is a little too obvious.  And though I understand how he got there, I really don’t like Bolin as Nuktuk.

Looking forward to this week’s episode!