Now With More Explosions!


Final warning, this post will contain nothing but SPOILERZ!!!!  So if you haven’t seen it yet, turn back as fast as yea can!

Seen it?  Good. Let’s do this!


Whenever Doctors meet past or future selves, the encounters are usually awkward and tense.  Certainly, they work together in the end, but they don’t like being in close proximity.  Ten and Eleven are different.  They can’t help but enjoy each other’s company.  It’s truly a joy to see Matt Smith and David Tennant on screen with each other.  They play so very well off of each other you wish it could go on forever.

Adding John Hurt into the mix was absolutely brilliant.  Though chronologically the youngest Doctor, at times it felt like he was the dad for the two older versions.  The three of them were so great together.  I was sad to see it end.  It absolutely broke my heart when Tennant said, “I don’t want to go” before he stepped into his TARDIS.  Gah!!!! THE FEELS!


I love that the ultimate weapon of the Time Lords tries its best to save as many lives as possible.  Rose as the conscience of The Moment was pretty genius.  Though I guess it wasn’t really Rose.  The Moment pulled a memory from the Doctor’s future.  And this is the part where I start to think too much and everything starts to break down.

If The Moment always had a conscience, it stands to reason that when the War Doctor first tried to push the big red button, she pulled her Jacob Marley act showing him his future selves.  In one version of the timeline, the War Doctor pushed the button anyway.  In the version that we saw, he didn’t push the button.  Which means there are probably an infinite number of possible outcomes which means there are an infinite number of alternate universes which starts to break my brain a little.

Orrrrrrr the version we saw was always the version that happened, but because of timey whimey wibbly wobbly, the War Doctor, Ten, and Eleven forgot their time together and thought that they had pushed the button all along.  I kind of like to think that this is the way it went down because that moment has shaped new Doctor Who since Eccleston.

Now that Eleven has relearned that he saved his home, Peter Capaldi’s Twelve can spend a season looking for it.


Which brings us to a really big problem.  From everything we’ve learned over the years about the Great Time War, the Time Lords had become just like their hated foe, the Daleks.  If the Doctor didn’t stop them, darkness would have engulfed all of reality.

Wellllll now that we know Gallifrey falls no more, those dickish Time Lords are still around.  They’re still in battle mode which means their still space time Nazis willing to sacrifice pretty much anything to destroy the Daleks.  This probably isn’t the home the Doctor wants to return to.  It’s great that he saved so many lives, but some of those lives are dangerous assholes.  How will he deal with the militant Time Lord council once he frees them?

Still, I would like to see more Time Lords.  Okay, I’m lying.  I really just want to know what happened to Romana.  Did she survive the Time Wars up until the point that the Doctor froze Gallifrey?



The BBC has released the air date (Dec 25) and title of the Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor,” along with this short synopsis:

Orbiting a quiet backwater planet, the massed forces of the universe’s deadliest species gather, drawn to a mysterious message that echoes out to the stars. And amongst them – the Doctor. Rescuing Clara from a family Christmas dinner, the Time Lord and his best friend must learn what this enigmatic signal means for his own fate and that of the universe.

And look! A teaser!

Overall, I thought the 50th episode was a lot of fun.  I found it to be a fitting tribute to fifty years of Doctor Who.  As fun as it was, I am still dismayed that the older Doctors were not asked to come back for the 50th.  Yes, I’ve seen the 5 Doctors(ish) webisode and Paul McGann got his chance to shine in that short prequel, but I really think there could have been a way to get the old Doctors into the episode.  Tom Baker had a weird ass cameo, could have snuck the others in.  Still, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  I can’t wait to watch it again!