Skynet to Deliver Your Amazon Shit in 30min or Less

It’s difficult to imagine a world where flying packages are routine.  Then again, it used to be difficult to imagine a world where a computer would fit in your pocket.  It’s only a matter of time before the FAA figures out the rules for this shit, but I think Amazon Prime Air is the way of the future.

Certainly, you’d want to be home when Batteries Not Included shows up with your DVDs or send the shit to your workplace.  It would also be kind of cool to have a little delivery ledge for Amazon’s Hunter Killer if you work a few stories up.  And if more companies adopt a delivery drone model, it’s easy to imagine Reaper delivered pizza.  It would certainly change the meaning of a delivery person.  They’d have to hire a skilled drone pilot instead of a high school kid looking to score some extra cash.  Or that high school kid would have to play nothing but flight sims.

However, a few hurdles come instantly to mind.  I foresee a lot of people trying to down the drones in transit either by chucking rocks or worse, firearms.  They would have to fly at a height that’s out of rock throwing range, but low enough so that they don’t interfere with airplanes.

If multiple companies adopt a similar program, they would have to coordinate with each other to ensure drones don’t crash into one another.  Or maybe they’d all have some sort of early warning proximity system installed.

Weather would also be a factor.  Under extremely windy conditions, quadcopter Charlie would get blown way off course or just crash.  Windy conditions.  You’re just gonna have to get your shit tomorrow instead 30 minutes from now. Deal.

There could be some privacy concerns.  After all, Taka Candroid will undoubtedly have a camera or two or four to see where it’s going.  OR TO SPY ON YOU.

I also seriously doubt that Washington, D.C. would allow drones to fly anywhere near the White House or the Capital so D.C. residents, don’t get your hopes up.

Still, I kind welcome our new delivery fin funnels.  It’d be fun as hell to see them wiz back and fourth delivering all kinds of weird shit to people.  Once they figure out the kinks, I could easily see them as something we take for granted.  And who wouldn’t want a pizza delivered by a Flying Shark!