The Iron Rhino

Was one of the first to shit on the idea of a Spider-Man movie reboot.  But I quite liked The Amazing Spider-Man.  Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone had great chemistry and I love that the mystery of Peter’s parents was brought into the origin.  The trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is out and it’s full of… well, it’s full of a lot of things going on.

Dane DeHann joins the cast as Harry Osborne and already I like him.  He’s got great villainy within.  I think he’ll be fun to watch turn on Peter.  I was surprised at how little of Jamie Foxx we get in this trailer.  In fact, we don’t see his face until the end of the thing.  I haven’t been paying attention to any of the announcements so I was surprised to see an Iron Rhino stomping around Manhattan.  We also see Doc Oc’s arms and Vulture’s wings in that one vault scene.  Combine all that with the Osbornes and it seems like we’re heading for a Sinister Six.

But what I’m most interested in learning is how all this ties in with Peter’s parents.  It really seems like they set Peter up to become Spider-Man as sort of their way of atoning for the evils that they did at Oscorp.  Just speculation on my part, but it’s an interesting idea to think that Peter was destined to become Spider-Man as a sort of salvation for his parents.  That’s really the hook that got me interested in seeing the first one and I’m so glad to see them flesh it out.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 drop the first weekend in May to coincide with Free Comic Book Day.  It should be a blast!