X-Men: Apocalypse Scheduled for 2016


In a classic counting-their-x-chickens-before-they-hatch move, Bryan Singer announced that the next film in the franchise will be called X-Men: Apocalypse.  In my mins, the implication is that Days of Future Past will lead into a movie version of Age of Apocalypse.

I quite liked the first Age of Apocalypse series.  It featured one of my favorite artists at the time, Joe Madureira.  I loved all of his designs for the alternate universe versions of the characters.  It was a fun universe to explore and a pretty good X-Crossover.

Though I am a fan of Age of Apocalypse, I’m not too sure about a movie.  My opinion will hinge on Days of Future Past and whether or not it will really just be another Wolverine film, as I’ve complained about in a previous post.  If the ensemble is handled well, I think there would be hope for an Apocalypse film.

Soooooo I’m kind of in wait-and-see mode.

Incidentally, I recently designed a shirt that is a Pacific Rim reference but also happens to feature Apocalypse!


You can pick it up at my Shark Robot shop and maybe wear it to Days of Future Past just in case it really sucks and we have to stop FOX from making more X movies.

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