It’s Lady’s Night With the ExpendaBelles

Talk shit, get hit.

Talk shit, get hit.

Though it’s fun to see every action star you ever loved punch the shit out of each other and shoot things in The Expendables franchise, it’s kind of a sausage fest.  Millennium Films agrees and hopes to expand the appeal with an all-female version, tentatively titled ExpendaBelles.  There’s no director or a confirmed title or even an announced cast.  But during her promotional tour for her upcoming film Raze, stunt woman turned leading lady Zoe Bell confirmed that the project exists and that she’s had meetings.

No, I have not yet [been offered] but we should print that they should. I’ve been in and I’ve met. Yes, I’ve had meetings with people but they haven’t got a director attached yet so that’s the next thing. I would obviously love to be involved in it.

It seems like it’s all in its very early stages.  Rumored to possibly star alongside Bell should she get the call are Milla Jovovich, Charlize Theron, Cameron Diaz and Meryl Streep.  I’m kind of surprised that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t on that list seeing as how she’s pretty good with a bow so I’m gonna put her name into the rumor put just for the fuck of it.  I’d also like to see Maggie Q join that lineup to kick some ass.  She’s been killer in Nikita.  Michelle Yeoh is absolutely mandatory.  And I don’t think you can have a legitimate all lady action movie without a zombie killer so Danai Gurira is a total must!  Michonne!

I sincerely hope this project gets off the ground because it’s the new damn millennium and we’ve kind of seen the all-male action squad movie over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.  Making the team all female already makes it ten times more interesting than action team movies we’ve seen in the past.

The only other action film that I can think of that had a predominantly female cast was The Descent which was more horror than action.  That movie completely blew me away.  I expected it to be a typical horror flick with a bunch of ladies running around getting their clothes torn off.  There was absolutely zero objectification, just a terrifying film with situations that pushed these women to their limits of sanity.  I think it would make a great template to guide the producers of the ExpendaBelles.

Women don’t need to be sexualized to be in an action movie.  They can just kick ass and take names.  And that’s what I’m hoping we’ll see from this project.

From: Crave