50 Seconds of Terror

It was a calm Sunday afternoon at Intervention full of the promise of a new tomorrow until McPedro and Puppy Cow decided they’d had enough of the calm. Thus began the 50 seconds of TERROR!

Shout out to Tribe One for his amazing track, “Kaiju.” Get it now!

Special thanks to our puppeteers Danielle Corsetto, Kelsey Wailes, and Audrey Noguchi for bringing life to such madness.

Christian x Muslim

One of the things that fascinates me about the religions of the world is that at their very base, they preach very similar things. Be nice to each other. Don’t kill each other. God is totes rad. So why does so much poisonous and divisive rhetoric come from people who claim to be the most devout? Religions are rad. It’s the people that have turned me off.

Grandmaster Chu is back with another track to remind us of these similarities. Perhaps if we can remind ourselves of our similarities, we can overcome so-called religious inspired violence. It’s an amazing track.

Master Hare Watches Over New York

If you live in New York and have seen this banner on Centre Street in Manhattan, then you have been stared down by Master Hare drawn by lil’ ol’ me! Master Hare is featured in a four page short story, Master Tortoise and Master Hare, written by Howard Wong and arted by me in the upcoming Shattered: The Asian American Comics Anthology which you can pre-order at your local comic book shop using Diamond Previews code SEP121160. The book ships in November.

Back to Master Hare. He’s advertising the upcoming “Alt.Comics: Asian American Artists Reinvent the Comic Book” exhibition at the Museum of Chinese in America that runs from September 27, 2012 to February 24, 2013. On display will be artwork from the Shattered book along with some of the stuff I did for Master Tortoise and Master Hare! There’s going to be an opening reception which should be all kinds of fun. I won’t be able to make it, but you should totally go and meet some of the other creators! Take lots of photos!

So, um, yeah, I’m crazy excited! I never thought that I would ever have anything hanging in a museum ever in my life so this is insane!

The Bat Man of Shanghai

I think Canadian viewers can watch it here

Wolf Smoke’s “Bat Man of Shanghai” is one of the best interpretations of the material that I’ve ever seen! Set in the 1930’s, Catwoman, Bane, and Bat Man fight over the Scroll of Destiny. These shorts were broadcast on Cartoon Network’s as part of the DC Nation. The animation is so fiercely raw. Totally feels like one of the classic Shaw Brothers kung fu flicks except with TRON eyes. I’m also loving the redesigns of the costumes, although I think Catwoman’s is the most successful. Bane’s is a bit too close to the original for my taste, and I think more could have been done with Bats. But it’s still fucking aweseome! I need this as a regular series. NEED!



Who knew Hyaku-Shiki had such awesome moves! And of course, Char’s Zaku II and RX-78 make the perfect couple.

The Lion King Rises

I know this is supposed to be a parody and all, but you know, it’s kind of the same the movie. Also, Nala saying what Selina is saying and she’s a lion and Selina is Catwoman, WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER *BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH*

What Does it Take to Animate The Legend of Korra?

I’m so glad that Studio MIR recorded this behind-the-scenes footage of their work on Legend of Korra. No matter what anyone says about the story or whether or not it lived up to expectations, I think everyone can agree that Book 1 was beautifully animated. Now we get to meet the people behind all those great facial expressions, action sequences, and stunning line work. I’m not surprised that they drew ’til they fell asleep at their tables.

From: Studio MIR

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