That Moment When Wacom Makes Everything You Want… FOR ALL THE MONEY

Wacom just announced two new Cintiq models but I didn’t catch what the other one was because I was furiously masturbating to the 24HD Touch.

I realize, of course, that if I want to touch the art I’m working on, all I have to do is put my hand on the table and shit. But it’s an entirely different thing if I’m coloring. Having the ability to pinch zoom, actually use my damn hand to move around the canvas, and turn the page with my hand gives digital coloring a tactile sensation that is completely missing when you use keyboard keys to action buttons. The possibilities just make me mess my pants.

Of course, I’d never be able to afford the bloody thing. MSRP is $3699 which kind of punches my dreams right in the junk. Plus, until I start coloring my comic, I won’t get my full $3699 worth of digital art touchy goodness. Still, a man can dream and covet and droooooooool. Oh, and I bet they’ll have one of these fuckers set up at San Diego! I want product demo videos!!

From: Wacom

Bizarro Classic is, Well, Classic!

I’m no big fan of Superman, but Robb Pratt’s classic-styled animated Superman shorts are truly something to behold. I absolutely love his interpretation of Lois. This Bizarro short is a follow up to his original Superman Classic short that he finished last year.

Warner Bros. is literally throwing money in the garbage the longer they wait to hire Pratt to take charge of an animated Superman series. This stuff would be killer as a half hour show! I would watch the shit out of this and buy all the DVDs when they came out.

The Visual Effects of Prometheus

If you’re a big fan of visual effects and want to learn more about the production side of things, this half hour FX Guide feature on the visual effects of Prometheus should keep you entertained. I love this stuff.

Kagemono: The Shadow Folk

This adorable animated short from Calarts graduate Sabrina Cotugno tells the tale of Beopup, a young fox playing in the woods who happens upon a shadowy figure. I absolutely love it! It’s adorable and haunting and absolutely wonderful.

You can find Sabrina on Tumblr, DevianArt, and her portfolio page. I expect we’ll be seeing more from her in the future.

Why Microsoft’s Surface May Finally Get My Money

It’s easy to forget that Microsoft actually created the tablet PC market. I remember going to Comp USA back in the day to test drive a few to see if I could use them for comics. They were pretty good for sketching, but they couldn’t run Photoshop which basically made them useless for my needs. Unfortunately, no matter how hard Microsoft pushed, the tablet PC remained an odd sort of step child of the portable computing world that never quite found its market.

For all intents and purposes, the iPad is an evolution of those early tablet PCs. Apple stripped down the tablet to its most bare and essential component, the screen, and figured out how to market it to the masses. The iPad reaches beyond the Cult of Jobs to the homes of the average, everyday user. It’s reached such a ubiquity that most consumers associate tablet PCs with Apple and the iPad.

I think we’re about to see a change.

Something Useful

The iPad is great if you’re just consuming media. It’s a portable shopping mall. You want to play games? You want to surf the net? You want to watch videos? Just sit right back and do your thing. You want to draw something? Welllllll…

You’ve got to buy an app that has all sorts of weird quirky work-arounds for pressure sensitivity that’s built in to an old Nintendo DS but is somehow missing from your fancy shopping mall device that costs four times as much. If you want to draw anything that looks better than a smudge, you’ve got to get a stylus with a thick ass sponge thing on the end of it that doesn’t track nearly as well as it probably should. You want pressure sensitivity? You’ve got to kickstarter a whole new device with custom software that may or may not work with the app that you’ve just bought. And then a software update comes along and breaks all your shit.

I realize that I’m complaining about a very specific usage that most iPad users couldn’t care less about. But from a company that used to be the go-to choice for digital artists to a company that virtually ignores us, I’ve always been a little disappointed in the iPad no matter how goddamn shiny the thing is.

Now there’s still quite a lot we don’t know about the Microsoft Surface so a lot of what I’m looking forward to may be supposition. But there’s a lot in what we do know that I’m looking forward to. We’ll be getting two devices, a general model and a pro model. Both have USB and microSD ports which means that storage space is pretty much a non-issue. You get to plug shit in a tinker with your Surface with devices you’ve already got lying around instead of buying extra shit to plug into some proprietary input that no one else uses.

The protective cover doubles as a thinline keyboard. If you like typing on your tablet, go ahead. If you like typing on a keyboard, you’ve got that option, too.

Stylus support is built in for both devices. This one could go either way. If it’s Wacom stylus support, all my pants will forever be crunchy. If not, well, at least they tried.

Word has it that the pro version will be able to support fully armed and operational Photoshop. If this is a true thing, if Wacom support is a true thing, then this is indeed the device that I’ve been waiting for for all these years. No wonky tilting or pinching or waving to change opacity. No stupid layer limits. No weird brushes that sort of emulate what I want to do. Full fucking Photoshop!

Still, This is Microsoft…

There is caution to my excitement. First, there’s a whole shit ton we don’t know like the price or when it’s coming out (I hear Fall, but no exact dates) or what kind of stylus support they’re talking about. Second, Microsoft has kind of a questionable track record when it comes to hardware. And software. And browsers. And… you get the idea.

Still, I like what I’m seeing. If this is marketed well, it could make a serious dent in Apple’s tablet market share and completely blow Android tablets out of the water. Looking forward to the Fall.

From: Microsoft Surface

What’s New Pussycat, Whoa Whoa WTF?!

Ever the masters of self-sabotage, DC Comics recently revealed the cover for Catwoman #0:

When I saw this thing, a horrible song instantly popped into my head:

And now it will be in your head forever!

The only thing I can figure is that the New 52 version of Selina Kyle has some kind of stripper scoliosis that allows her to contort into positions that would impossible for a normally-spined woman. Undoubtedly, this is physical trait is helpful during those moments when you need to steal things from a strip club.

Besides the questionable anatomy, what really irritates me about this cover is that from a strict technical stand point, it’s well executed. The lines are clean, the skin tones are warm, the coloring on the catsuit makes it look like patent leather. It’s clear that Guillem March possesses the ability to turn in some decent work. I mean, fuck, look at Huntress in this cover done by March earlier this year:

Sexy. Powerful. Spine.

Despite their insistence otherwise, the company that greenlit the Catwoman cover for publication cares little for their female readership. How can anyone possibly take superhero comics seriously when things like this get published ALWAYS? You don’t have to break a woman’s spine to draw her in a sexy pose. Sexy pose without spine removal drawings happen all the time. Just look at the work of Adam Hughes. He’s known for his good girl work. Click through his gallery and you’ll see lots of sexy poses that can actually happen with a real human body.

The internet is mercilessly mocking the cover as it should. Comics Alliance has collected some of the most entertaining riffs on the bloody thing. I hope DC’s editors will get the hint and approach their cover illustrations more thoughtfully. Honestly DC, covers like this make it seem like you’ve run out of fucks to give.

Papercraft Nu Gundam is–HOLY SHIT THAT’S PAPER?!

You have to check out this Korean papercrafter’s Nu Gundam. It’s fucking mind blowing! On first glance, I was totally fooled into thinking this was a Master Grade build. I almost didn’t link the shit, and then I saw it was made out of PAPER!!!!! The username is rara1121 and that’s pretty much all the information I can gleen from the Korean site. There’s a whole lineup of Gundam papercraft that this person has created. If you can figure out how to view the others, please let me know. I don’t know any Korean. Fucking amazing!

From: rara1121

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