Kat Sheridan Chops Heads as Sexy Axe Cop

A few years ago, I got the opportunity to color the most MANLY ILLUSTRATION EVER! I dare say my computer became a bajillion times more awesome because it had high resolution Axe Cop art all over it.

Somehow, my posts caught the attention of actor Kat Sheridan, pictured above as Sexy Axe Cop. She sent this along:

I asked Kat a few questions about her work and her upcoming series “Just Cos.”

YP: How long have you been cosplaying?

KAT SHERIDAN: I have always enjoyed dressing up in costume, whether it was for Halloween, or a theater production, and then as I got older for commercial and film projects. Just recently, though, I’ve delved more into the world of Geekdom and started cosplaying for fun at comic conventions and events.

YP: What brought you to the art of cosplay?

KS: I have always loved geek-tastic things, even as a child. Lately, I have been reading more graphic novels and finding this sub-culture of people who love fantasy and sci-fi like I do. On professional Hollywood sets, there’s always a crew member or somebody who loves comics, and its becoming less and less taboo, actually its becoming en vogue to be down with superheroes, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. It also helps that my boyfriend works at a comic book store and does marketing for comic conventions, so I’m meeting fascinating industry types, artists, creators, retailers, fans, and cosplayers through that avenue.

YP: Who are your favorite characters to play?

KS: Red Sonja, Sexy Vader, Sexy Axe Cop, Poison Ivy, and other red-head characters are great for me to portray!

YP: Have you created any original characters?

KS: I like to put the a sexy spin on existing male characters, but as far as an ORIGINAL, I have a really cool Star Wars character that I’m co-creating the look for with some talented web series writers and makeup artists. She’s a badass Sith named Sila Varis.

YP: Can you tell us more about JUST COS? How did you become part of the film? When can we expect to see it?

KS: With Just Cos, I’m co-producing the film, and the part was written with me in mind for the lead. It showcases geek culture and fangirls & fanboys getting ready for comic conventions. We are doing a “pilot” and most likely will turn it into a web series, and we’ll ask a lot of fans and cosplayers to make appearances in it! You can expect to see it within the next couple months!

YP: Anything else you’d like to promote?

KS: I am in a feature horror film called THE RED HOUSE coming out this year. Its a classic genre flick with attractive college kids going in the woods and bloody mayhem ensues, with a bit of a twist. Here is an article on it.

KS: I am also working on an original Star Wars web series called “Die Jedi”, where I play a troubled Sith hunting down Jedis or those strong with the force. Should have some epic light saber duels. And here is some more info on that:

YP: Shoutouts?

KS: On JUST COS the writer is Derek Easley, my co-star is funny comedian Jole Sanchez, and its directed by Julian Doan.

The RED HOUSE is written and directed by Gregory Avellone, and produced by John Ortin of Friday the 13th fame.

And DIE JEDI is being produced by the very talented Jimmy Lucia, and my makeup for JUST COS and DIE JEDI is being done by the wonderful Andrew Brown.

Thanks, Kat! And good luck with “Just Cos.” Can’t wait to see it!

Will You Pay Around $140 for “Before Watchmen”

Bleeding Cool has a pretty good rundown of DC’s “Before Watchmen” panel held this past weekend at C2E2. There will be 35 books in total. At about $4 a floppy, that’s about $140 to get the entire series. Would you pay that much for this prequel?

I have to admit, if I was going to buy any of this, I’d wait for the collections to drop and then flip through the Doc Manhattan and Ozymandias ones in a store to see if I want to pick them up. Jae Lee and Adam Hughes are two of my favorite illustrators and seeing them on interiors makes me happy even if I fucking hate Ozymandias as a character. The rest of them? I don’t know that I like the characters enough to even want to pick up a floppy.

I think it would have been far more interesting to see these released as full trades instead of piecemeal floppies. Just hold on to them for a year or two until all the teams get their pages in, and then do a major blitz and release them all as trades. That would take care of a lot of the speculation on whether or not they’re worthy titles. We’d have the whole mess in hand to judge fully instead of picking them apart issue by issue. It would also solve the inevitable “WHY THE FUCK IS IT TAKING SO LONG” complaints when schedules start to slip. DC is going to make way more money on the trades than the floppies. The trades will be in print long after the floppies migrate to the dollar bins.

In the end, it’s really difficult to see this as anything more than a cash grab. Couldn’t you have assembled these great teams anyway to create something entirely new for the DC Universe? If they pitched it right, it could have gotten just as strong a buzz as this prequel mess. I mean, sure, you wouldn’t get Uncle Alan to decry it to drum up controversy, but wouldn’t it be nice to have positive coverage of something really new?

From: Bleeding Cool

Is the Future of Comics Infinite?

Gizmodo sat down with Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada to talk about Marvel’s new Infinite Comics format. There’s no embed so head on over the Giz article and check out the video.



Okay, let’s get down to brass tacks. If the “infinite” in Infinite Comics sounds familiar in a comics context, then you are probably aware of Scott McCloud’s “infinite canvas” theory proposed in his Reinventing Comics. For those who are scratching their heads, Scott proposed that with the coming of the interwebs, comics no longer needed to be bound by standard strip or page formats. Since the number of pixels you can display on a website is infinite, he envisioned comics that used this so-called “infinite canvas” to tell their stories in ways never-before-imagined by traditional cartoonists.

Since Reinventing Comics was published in 2000, the “infinite canvas” theory has been road tested and found to be slightly flawed. Though it is possible to create comics that scroll forever in any kind of direction you can imagine, few infinite cartoonists have discovered a means to monetize the model. The problem with the “infinite canvas” experiment is that readers are confronted with an entirely new way of reading a comic. The more time the creator has to teach their readers how to read the work, the less time the reader has to enjoy it. The format becomes the focus rather than the work. It also makes it difficult to publish print collections which is how many indy and web cartoonists make their money.

There’s probably more we can say about the “infinite canvas,” but this should serve as a decent enough primer.


The traditional print publishing industry has embraced the iPad and the tablet market in general as a of last bastion of hope. Magazine and newspaper publishers quickly jumped aboard formatting their content to take advantage of the touch interface and developing apps that incorporate video and a touche experience that is more than just a fancy page turn.

Comics have been a little slow on the uptake. Certainly, there are a number of outlets that sell comics for the iPad. But they don’t really offer a tablet specific experience. You can zoom in to panels and some even have a fancy page turn animation, but it’s little more than reading a pdf. Infinite Comics hopes to bring a tablet specific experience to reading comics.

From what I can see in the interview, it looks like you scroll panel to panel with the dialog balloons appearing after you touch the image. It’s a slight change, but it’s pretty significant. Normally when you read comics, you’re presented with the image and the dialog at the same time. Some people read the words first, some look at the art first, some do both. Infinite Comics forces the reader to look at the art first which fundamentally changes the way you experience the work.

There are some animated transitions between some of the scenes and it looks like panels can be layered with certain elements appearing or disappearing depending on what’s called for. It’s almost like reader controlled animation.


I don’t know.

I have a nostalgic attachment to physical comics. My dad collected them when he was growing up. Me and my brother started collecting them when we got to middle school. Buying a comic through an app just doesn’t compare to browsing through the shelves at Big Planet looking for something to pick up.

That said, I can’t deny that reading comics on a tablet is pretty awesome. I think I will always prefer actual print comics, but it’s hard to argue against an entire library of comics at your fingertips when you’re stuck in an airport.

I think Infinite Comics will be good for Marvel. It’s a unique experience that is well suited to the delivery platform. If gives artists a chance to stretch out, experiment, and see how far they can push their work. If Marvel really wanted to make Infinite Comics a standard method for delivering comics to tablets, they would release an SDK so that the rest of us could tinker with and kick around the format. I’d love to play with it for some Yellow Peril shorts or something like that.

Print comics will always be around because there are still enough of us old fans who have that nostalgic attachment to dead trees. And I suspect there will still be younger readers who will prefer to have the physical comics in their hands. But I think there’s also room for something like Infinite Comics to grow and even thrive. To me, it really means more comics for everyone. And that’s always a good thing.

From: Gizmodo

That Time When Raph Actually Used the Sai Properlly

AZM Ally Shin found a clip of Raph using the sai as they were intended and sent it my way along with this:

I just had to say something about Raphael never using sai correctly and I agree completely. The TMNT influenced my little nerd brain so much that as I got older I forced myself to learn how to properly use a katana, beat myself stupid with nunchaku until I could get form and technique correct, worked with a wonky bo staff and finally got to my favorite turtle and started learning to use sai. And it was boring. As. Shit. Nowhere near as much fun as the way Raph uses them and even attempting to use them that way is so…artificial and impractical when being a sneaky ninja. However, I was completely impressed by the 2007 movie for a multitude of reasons, but none moreso than when the whole sibling rivalry of Leo and Raph came to a head and they finally got all that anger out on each other. And the best part, Raph uses a different weapon before switching to his classic sai and actually relegates them to defense while he uses hand-to-hand to fight Leo. So he does, in fact, actually learn to use the sai correctly!

Thanks, Shin!

I’d be willing to give the Bay produced TMNT flick a pass on the origin change if there is some semblance of proper weapon usage. To me, that’d be an worthwhile update.

Will Warner Bros Live Action Bleach Get… Bleached?

From AZM Ally Colleen Stone comes word that Warner Bros is moving forward with a live-action film based on Tite Kubo’s Bleach. Peter Segal, the producer of the project, has a lot of respect for the property:

I’ve always been a huge fan of Bleach and have great respect for its creator Kubo Sensei and the truly original and amazing world he has created in this manga.

Alright there, Petey. If you’re going to drop the honorifics, you best come correct. The fact that this is Warner Bros makes me highly skeptical especially in light of their treatment of Akira. If you bleach the cast, then you, Mister Segal, are a thief and a liar. We’re watching you with keyboards at the ready!


Makeshift Miracle Book 1 Debuts in May

There’s just no stopping Jim Zub!

To relaunch his webcomic, Makeshift Miracle, he uploaded a torrent of the first chapter for all to download and enjoy. Next came his partnership with Keenspot. I have opinions and thoughts on Keenspot which I will save for another date. But it was an interesting move to say the least.

Now we get word that the hardcover edition of Book 1 will debut at TCAF in May! The 138 page hardcover collection will include new artwork and a preview of volume 2. Shun Hong Chan’s art is absolutely gorgeous. I’m amazed that they’re able to keep to the twice-a-week update schedule. Shun must be a freaking machine!

If you can’t make it out to TCAF (and I’m still a little miffed that I didn’t get in), you can hit up your local comic shop and tell them to order you a copy. The order information is below.

Congrats, Jim! There needs to be more Young Adult comics of this caliber in the world. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if this first print run sells out quickly.

Makeshift Miracle Book 1: The Girl From Nowhere

ISBN: 1926778472
ISBN-13: 978-1926778471
Diamond Comics Distribution Order Code: FEB121167
Ages: 14+, Young Adult
graphic novel
128 pages, full color, hardcover
5.75″ x 8.25″
$19.99 SRP

Hey, ‘Member When They Killed Stupid Man?

I do not like Superman at all.

At. Fucking. All.

I think I hated him most when they killed him for all the reasons outlined in this brilliant video. Apparently, Max Landis’s rant was originally 45 minutes long. I honestly would like to see that because I find his points amusingly reflective of my feelings about Superman.

Thanks to AZM Ally Henry Marx for sending this along.

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