Julie Taymor’s Green Goblin is the Stuff of Nightmares

You may have ignored the news of Julie Taymor’s Spider-Man musical with music by U2 because such things are difficult for the sane mind to comprehend. I know I’ve tried my best to wipe my brain meats of such a notion. But it’s a real thing and it’s opening soon and I probably wouldn’t have mentioned it ever because I live in a world where the George Clooney Batman doesn’t exist, but then I saw this:

Julie Taymore's Green Goblin

This is the Green Goblin design for the musical and now that you’ve seen it it will forever be burned into your brain meats! It is horrifying and scary and I imagine when it’s lit properly on stage with a real person moving inside it, it will probably terrify you forever. Unless it sings a silly song. Then it will terrify you in other horrible ways.

It’s clear that us comic geeks are not the target audience for this work so I’m not terribly shocked that musical Green Goblin looks nothing like comic or even movie Green Goblin. I’m probably never going to see the show so this version of Gobby will probably remain theoretical and amorphous in my mind unless someone posts an actual video of it from the show. Green Goblin is supposed to be terrifying and scary and I think this version would scare the shit out of me in a dark alley. So it’s got that.

So if any of you are brave enough to see this thing, please write in and let us know if Gobby is indeed as terrifying as he appears or if he does some silly song and dance that makes him creepy in a kid touchy pedo kind of way.

Source: Bleeding Cool

House of Idea to SMASH Piracy

Hulk Smashes Abomination

It seems that Marvel is now taking an active role in shutting down pirate comic websites. Rumor has it that Marvel execs paid a visit to Google headquarters to ask them to block links to pirated comic books. Google reportedly denied the request forcing Marvel to seek out the pirate sites and issue Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices themselves. The first site to go down was Comics Invasion, hosted on Blogspot which is owned by Google. Word has it that Marvel is now looking for similar sites to issue the DMCA notices.

The timing of this is especially interesting in light of Mark Waid’s recent words on copyright, piracy, and making the moneys.

Unfortunately for Marvel, this is an uphill battle that will probably cost a great deal of time and energy that could probably better be spent on figuring out how to revitalize the comics market.

Marvel will claim that piracy hurts their business which is certainly true. But it’s the high price of their single issues that motivates their otherwise paying customers to seek out pirated issues. $4 for a single issue that is dependent upon three other issues for anything of substance to occur plot-wise is not a sustainable practice, at least if you intend on selling single issues. $4 for a special 32 page one shot, maybe. But the $4 floppy is not an attractive price point for potential or legacy readers. Since “decompressed” storytelling has encouraged more and more comic fans to wait for the trade, why not just abandon the floppies altogether and just put out trades?

To revitalize the industry, Marvel needs to attract new readers. Single issues won’t cut it. You can no longer get a full story in one single comic. And since the trades have entire story arcs, they have the best chance at landing new readers. That’s why the manga was doing so well with young readers. For ten bucks and a couple hundred pages, you get an entire story.

Some think that comic apps will save the industry. I have no doubt that buying comics on the iPad is wicked easy and convenient. I’m certainly happy to see Marvel, DC, and the other comic companies putting their works on the iPad and similar devices. But until they become as ubiquitous as smart phones, I don’t think it’s terribly wise to rely on apps to save anything.

Marvel will never fully stamp out comic piracy, but they can do a lot to mitigate the practice. I think focusing more on trades than floppies would go a long way to attract new readers.

Source: Bleeding Cool

I Was Quoted For Ad Copy For Skullkickers! No Good Can Come From This…

Skullkickers Quote

Holy crapola! You may recall a comic called Skullkickers written by my UDON noodle friend Jim Zubkavich. You may also recall that I thought it was a fucking brilliant name for a comic. Somehow, my profanity laced post was quoted for an official Image comics preview ad for Skullkickers which is this mind blowing crazy awesomeness thing that is making my brain meats explode.

Skullkickers should be in stores now, at least the stores that are worth going to. And if it’s not there, it’s because many people bought them. So tell your local store to order more because Skullkickers is fucking rad!

Source: Skullkickers

In the Land of the Free, Who Controls the Content?

Captain Copyright

At this past weekend’s Harvey Awards at the Baltimore Comic Con, Mark Waid delivered a heartfelt wake-up call to the print comics industry. Now since this is third, fourth, fifth hand since I wasn’t at the show, I can only base my assumptions of Waid’s main point from the various reports online. If I understand correctly, Waid intimated that protecting your ideas is not as important as profiting from them. It doesn’t sound like he was advocating piracy, but since this age of internet has made everything free, time would be better spent figuring out how to make money off of rather than jealously guarding our ideas.

I can imagine the gasps in the room from traditional publishers who depend on their copyrighted characters for licensing revenue and such. But for us webcomic folks, this is old news.

It is absolutely essential for artists to use the internet to promote their work. The catch is that as soon as you put something online, someone is going to steal it. You could spend ages trying to find new ways to prevent digital piracy, but you’ll never really deter the practice nor really stop it. That’s not to say that there’s no value in copyright. But it’s time to start thinking differently about our ideas. Creative Commons is a forward thinking licensing standard that responds well to the digital download era and it has benefited many artists. It gives would-be pirates a legal means to download and remix content while protecting the rights of the content creator.

Creative Commons is a good start. And it’s groups like these who provide these forward thinking tools that will help ween us off traditional notions of copyright protection that may be too antiquated to respond to a modern sensibility. I think Mark Waid was incredibly brave for sounding the call and I think once the dust settles a bit, the print comic industry might actually start moving forward along with the rest of us.

Goddamn Frank Miller Must Be Stopped

Goddamn Frank Miller!

Somehow, Gucci thought it would be a good idea to get Frank Miller to direct a commercial for their new fragrance. The ad starring Evan Rachel Wood and Captain Amer–er–Chris Evans will premier at the eMpTyVee Video Music Awards whenever that travesty airs. Damn you Gucci! Now there’s no stopping the Goddamn Frank Miller! Not that I was ever a Gucci customer in the first place, but this seriously makes me throw up in my mouth. This is bloody awful. I mean, fuck, didn’t anyone get the memo? The Spirit was ungood because there wasn’t a real director, like Zack Snyder, on set to tell Frank what the fuck he was doing wrong. Frank Miller is not a director. He’s proven that. Oh yeah, he can draw the ever loving fuck out of a comic book. But he can’t direct.

Please, someone, stop the Goddamn Frank Miller! This ungoodness must not be allowed to continue!

Isaiah Mustafa Really Really REALLY Wants to Be Luke Cage

You may recall that during Old Spice Guy Fest, the internet implied that Isaiah Mustafa looks a lot like Luke Cage. Here’s his response:

Turns out it wasn’t just a funny reply. Isaiah Mustafa really wants to play Luke Cage in a Marvel movie. He was seen around this year’s Comic Con sporting a familiar tank top and chain belt:

Isaiah Mustafa Luke Cage

And now, we’ve got a photo shoot:

Of course, no proper internet campaign for anything would be complete without a facebook page which is why is open for business and ready for your fandom.

Okay, Isaiah. Let me level with you. Clearly you have the acting chops, you’ve got the look, and you’ve certainly got the manly physique. But today’s action stars need more than just the look. Stunt doubles can take care of the crazy, insane, life threatening, jumping off a 100 story building shit, but if you really want to get the attention of Marvel, you’re going to need to show us that you can kick the ass. I’m sorry bro, but if that punch in that promo photo is any indication, you’re going to need some fight training. If you punched anything with that fist you made for that photo, you’d break your thumb. I need to see an action reel before I can completely endorse you. Don’t get me wrong, I will pay good money to see you in pretty much anything (including a shitty Twitard movie if they cast you even as a background extra). But there must be ass kickings for Power Man.

Oh, and please don’t do this for your action reel:

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Box Office

Scott Pilgrim, One Up

I’m going to say it right here, right now. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World will be seen as the defining romantic comedy of this generation. Much like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and anything by John Hughes defined 80’s romantic comedies, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World will do the same for the 2010’s.

Unfortunately, like all great art, the film’s cultural impact will not properly be reflected by any financial measure. Scott Pilgrim performed horribly at the box office. It was beaten by an oversexed action movie on steroids (yeah, I’ll probably be seeing this in the theater sometime), Eat Pray Julia Roberts, a stupid cop/buddy/comedy that opened last weekend (I actually want to see this eventually, just not in the theater), and a spinning top movie that was released a whole mess of weeks ago.

The thing to keep in mind is that it takes time for pop culture to recognize genius. The Scott Pilgrim comic series wasn’t an instant mega success. It took a while for the comics world to appreciate Bryan Lee O’Malley’s little romantic comedy. Now it stands as a shining example of the level of awesomeness indy comics can achieve. I have little doubt that the movie will be the same. DVD and Blu-Ray sales will absolutely kill. It will be replayed many times over in homes all over the world. And it will go on to inspire some truly insane filmmakers in future generations who will point to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World as their inspiration for breaking filmmaking conventions, going all out, and having fun. Have no fear, fellow geeks, you are indeed witnessing the beginning of a culture shift.

If you put off seeing Scott Pilgrim opening weekend to see The Expendables, Eat Pray Julia Robers, that silly ass cop/buddy/comedy thing, or the spinny top movie, awesome. Those films deserve the support. Especially the spinny top one. But this weekend, please consider Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. You’ve never seen a film like it. And you’ll have a blast.

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