Nick Mother Fucking Fury Buries the Mother Fucking Hatchet

Nick Mother Fucking Fury

Oh happy day!

AZM Ally Ananth writes in with news that Samuel L. Jackson is back as Nick Fury. Jackson has signed a deal with Marvel to play the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Iron Man 2 with an option to return as Fury in nine future Marvel films. Ultimates are go!

I’m so glad that Marvel is getting their heads out of their asses and ponying up the dough. Now if they can get Micky back and actually cast a Black Widow, Iron Man 2 might not suck.

Source: Variety

Alan Moore Does Rorschach

Alan Moore discusses his thoughts about Watchmen. Very insightful. The best part comes at the end when he reads a passage from Rorschach’s journal in a raspy voice. Makes him sound absolutely terrifying!

M.O.D.O.K. Is Done With You, Professionally

Note to self, never hire expendable A.I.M. guy as a DP.

And with that, Marvel introduces “Marvel Super Heroes: What The–?!” Inspired in part by “Robot Chicken” and “I’m a Marvel, I’m a DC,” Marvel returns to its parody roots established waaaay back with “Not Brand Echh.” How freaking awesome is M.O.D.O.K.’s voice! I always imagined him being giant head with a squeaky little voice. Have to get him to say, “Inconceivable!”


Eve, Applegeeks

I’d like to some big sweaty hugs and kisses to Hawk and Ananth for hitting the big FIVE OH OH over at APPLEGEEKS! There aren’t a lot of webcomics that I actually follow, but I make sure to click over to Applegeeks every Tuesday and Thursday. I’m so happy that they’re first book drops in May. About fucking time! I’ve actually seen the proof and it looks gorgeous. The book collects the first two years of Applegeeks and includes a bonus story as well as awesome guest art from some folks you might know. Get it now!

Congrats guys! Looking forward to the next 500!

Make Mine Marvel Motion?

A while back, Marvel was toying around with idea of creating animated comics, CrossGen style. I really liked what they did with Astonishing X-Men #1, decent voice actors and just enough animation to make it a different viewing experience.

AZM Ally Solkana sends word that Marvel is upping its game. Marvel will be selling full on motion comics on iTunes starting with, you guessed it, Astonishing X-Men. This time, instead of just mere voice acting and some moving panels, they’re fully animating the characters, mouth, eyes, everything. They kind of look like creepy puppets. They’re using some sort of 2.5 D animation package to make the heads and bodies appear to move in 3D. There are some tools from Reallusion that let you achieve the same look fairly easily.

Kinda looks… odd. I think I’d have to see a full episode to really weigh in, but this preview just looks creepy. I might pick up the first one just for the novelty of it and post a review. I guess it’s cheaper to animate artwork that you already have instead of creating all new original animation. This preview doesn’t sell me, but who knows. It may grow on you after watching a full episode.

It’s Taken 20 Years For Liefeld to Find the Perfect Director


We’ve heard from Brett Ratner on why he’s ready to take on Youngblood. Let’s hear from the creator himself. In the words of one Rob Liefeld:

Ratner is an A-list director whose blockbuster movies explode on the top box office charts and, more importantly, relates over the top action to the masses in ways no other director can – in other words, he’s the perfect director for YOUNGBLOOD. It’s taken me nearly twenty years to find a director completely in synch with everything a YOUNGBLOOD movie would require and it was definitely worth the wait. I don’t doubt YOUNGBLOOD will evolve superhero movies in ways no one will ever see coming!

What would a Youngblood movie require, Rob? Actors without feet? Men and women with 8-packs? Ex-Lax?

I know you’re supposed to make things sound like the second coming of bacon in a press release, but “evolve superhero movies?” Really? Youngblood hasn’t evolved anything. Rob was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to jump on to the Image wagon. He’s the only Image creator to be voted out. He’s responsible for unleashing Pat Lee upon comics. Youngblood represents absolutely everything that was wrong with comics in the 90s. If anything, it’s devovlved comics.

Until science proves the possibility of the 8-pack, there’s no possible way to take Liefeld seriously. And in truth, Liefeld doesn’t tend to take himself too seriously. He seems to be one of those guys who’s in on the joke, kinda, and never takes the criticism too seriously.

Besides, they’ll probably just dress everyone up in black leather for the movie anyway so it won’t even look like a Liefeld comic.

Play Marvel Civil War in Ultimate Alliance 2

Now’s your chance to beat the shit out of Marvel Civil War era Tony Stark! I was so pissed at Tony when I was reading Civil War. I just wanted to throttle the asshole. Never liked Reed that much, but I was a huge Iron Man fan before Civil War went down. Thanks to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, you can now layeth the smacketh down on Tony’s roody poo, candy ass! Looks like a lot of damn fun.

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