Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to Appear in Age of Ultron



Though we haven’t had official word from Marvel, Samuel L. Jackson Elizabeth Olsen will be playing the Scarlet Witch in Age of Ultron. Casting of Quicksilver is still at the rumor stage, though Aaron Taylor-Johnson seems pretty likely.  I don’t know much about Olsen so I have no real opinion on the announcement. BUUUUUUUT Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are both mutants.

That’s right, I said it. MUTANTS.

As far as I know, Fox still owns the movie rights to the X-franchise which means the rights to the term “mutant.” Does this signal the possible return of X-Men to the Marvel proper universe? Or will Marvel have to come up with clever ways to refer to their abilities?  I could imagine someone saying something like, “Hey, asshole, don’t use the ‘M’ word around me” or “wow, their powers are inhuman.” Some shit like that. Although in the case of Wanda, they could just call her a magic user.  Still, they’re mutants and you can’t really get around that.

A proper Avengers vs. X-Men movie would give fandom the hardest nerd boner in the history of nerdom.

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Wonder Woman Fan Film Puts DC And Warner Bros to Shame

I don’t know if it’s just blatant sexism or if they just don’t know what to do with her, but I’m so terribly dismayed that Warner Bros can’t get Wonder Woman back on screen.  If that failed TV reboot is any indication, I’d say they just don’t know what to do with her.

Well, Rainfall Films is tired of waiting for someone over at Warner Bros to get their head out of their ass.  They dedicated most of 2013 to filming Wonder Woman: Rainfall.  And even though it’s a bit heavy on the slow mo for my tastes, it’s stands as a fine example of how awesome a live action Wonder Woman show or movie could be.  I love the interpretation of the costume.  It echoes the comic very well and looks absolutely badass.  I also like that she silently dispatches her assailants without any banter, though it would have been nice to see Rileah Vanderbilt get some lines.

I hope this is a wakeup call to Warner Bros to get their shit together.  We’ve got a bajillion different live action Batmen, there’s a bunch of live action Supermen, Linda Carter is getting lonely out there on Wonder Woman island.

Age of Ultron Teaser

I was pretty surprised when Marvel announced that Avengers 2 would be titled Age of Ultron. The first film teased pretty hard that the next Marvel big bad would be Thanos. But I guess we’ll be seeing Thanos face off against the Guardians of the Galaxy to make way for Henry Pym’s worst idea, although from this short teaser, I feel like they’re implying that Tony Stark had something to do with the movie version of Ultron. I looks like he’s emerging from an Iron Man helmet, but I could be seeing things.

I’ve never been a fan of Ultron so I can’t say that I’m terribly excited to see him on screen. But I’ve been liking what Marvel has been doing with their movie universe. I just hope it has nothing to do with the big ass summer comics crossover of the same name.

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Look at the Fucking Smile On Batfleck’s Face

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I wasn’t entirely certain I wanted to keep doing AZM on the regular. But then someone came up to me at SPX and said they’ve been reading this horrible thing since high school (WHAT THE WHAT) so I will endeavor to do my best to bring my take to all the nerdy shit that’s going on. It won’t be pretty, but that’s not what you come here for. So let’s get back into it starting with the news that Ben Affleck is going to play Batman in the sequel to Superman: Man of Steel.

To be honest, I didn’t nerd rage nearly as hard as some of my friends.  At this point, I don’t care who plays Batman.  Though I thought he was really compelling in Batman Begins, by the time The Dark Knight came around, I was getting sick of Christian Bale’s weird Batvoice. I found Heath Ledger to be much more interesting.  And in the third installment, I found the surrounding characters much more interesting than Batman.  Batman is more of an idea, a force of nature, than any one character.  The Bat himself somehow became the least interesting part of the franchise.  I was drawn in because of the way he affected the lives and loves around him.  The Bat doesn’t matter as much as the way he touches the lives around him.  So in that view, really anyone could put on the suit.

Superman/Batman must deal with a more fundamental problem that reared its ugly head in Man of Steel.  Max Landis does a brilliant job of articulating my biggest problem with the movie:

For me to give any shits about the sequel, Superman needs to answer for the destruction of Smallville and Metropolis.  I’ve heard the argument that these are his first two big fights so he hasn’t quite figured out the best way to punch villains without destroying towns.  I suppose that’s true.  But they spent the entire first act of the film showing us how much Clark cares about humanity, how far he’s willing to go to save people.  And yet when it comes to punchy time, he suddenly forgets that there are innocents near by?

No.  That is not the character they set up.  That is not Superman.

I think the second film needs to deal with this and I think it would be a great way to introduce Lex Luthor.  I could easily see Lex coming in and saying something like, “Do you see the destruction this so-called savior caused? He’s no hero! He’s a monster!”  And then Lexcorp swoops in to do reconstruction while Lex begins a campaign to demonize Superman.  And Clark spends a good portion of the film trying to reconcile the damage he’s done.  Do I stay to help protect humanity against other threats knowing that this could be the result?  Do I leave and hope that they can take care of themselves?  I think that could be a really interesting setup and a perfect way for Lex to make his entrance.

Or better yet, Waynecorp comes in to do reconstruction.  Bruce calls up Clark and basically says, “Listen, asshole. You can punch villains without blowing up a city, you know.”  Just snarks the shit out of him.  If we get asshole Bruce, I really think Affleck is the guy.  You remember this scene from Boiler Room?

How awesome would it be to have him bust Clark’s balls like this!  Yeah, yeah, super flying powers FUCK YOU! Don’t punch villains in Metropolis!  He could even do the whole “act as if” thing to Clark.

Hey fucker, act as if you’re a fucking super hero!

I don’t know which way they’re going to go with the sequel, but I hope to the comic gods that they address the destruction of Smallville and Metropolis and that Ben Affleck gets his asshole on and trolls the shit out of Clark as Bruce.  Then I’ll believe DC is ready for a Justice League film.

Actually, scratch that. Smallville, Metropolis, asshole Bruce, WONDER WOMAN and THEN I’ll believe DC is ready for a Justice League film.


Just in case you weren’t already tired of my talking about dumplings, here’s my vlog announcement of Nomlings!

Iron Man 3, Trope Buster

If you didn’t get the notice, there will be spoilers all over this post so don’t read this shit unless you’ve seen the movie!

Did you see it?  Alright, you can stay.  I’m not going to do a full review but I will talk about two specific aspects of the movie that I thought were absolutely brilliant, Mandy and Pepper.  First up, let’s get this Mandarin discussion out of the way.

Hi, I’m Trevor.


I’ve never liked the Mandarin.  He’s a terrible caricature of an “Oriental” villain from period of time when the “Far East” was a thing to be feared and mocked.  The Mandarin is fucking awful and hearing the news that he would be the villain in Iron Man 3 made me bristle a little.

When word dropped that Ben Kingsley was going to play him, I thought it was an interesting choice.  Normally, you’d expect me to rail against the white washing of a clearly Chinese character.  Yes, I know Kingsley is part Indian, but when was the last time you met a Mandarin Indian.  Still, since I didn’t give a shit about the character to begin with, I didn’t really give a fuck about ethnic authenticity.

Then the trailers hit and I couldn’t stop laughing.  Every time I saw him or heard him I thought, man, how the fuck am I going to take this shit seriously?  He looks like the third member of LMFAO, he sounds like a fucking idiot, his rings are cheap costume jewelry.  Is this really the big bad of what could potentially be the biggest comic book film yet?


Holy fuck, what an awesome reveal!  The trailers had me completely fooled and I fucking loved them for it!  I loved how meta it was.  The trailers make it seem like he’s our big bad.  We barely see any of Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian in any of the trailers.  Yet he turns out to be the big bad!  The trailers hid it from us just like Killian does in the film.  Oh, so brilliantly meta!

That turn alone would have made my film.  But it’s really Pepper Potts that had me cheering in my seat.

So Violent!

Pepper Potts

Though Pepper has been established as one of the most intelligent women in the Marvel movieverse, in the first two films she is very much the damsel in distress.  And even though we finally get to see her in the armor (damn the trailers for spoiling that moment), she was still distressing pretty hard throughout the film until the last awesome reveal of her Extremis powers.  God, such an awesome save!

The best part is that she has to become the ultimate trope, the trophy damsel, in order to turn it all on its head.  If Killian hadn’t kidnapped her as his prize and given her Extremis, Tony would be completely fucked.

I’m so glad neither of these reveals were dropped in any of the trailers.  I thought those turns really elevated the story telling and made for a much more compelling film.  Now I want to marathon all three to see it all come together.

The Mandarin Teaches

I’m pretty sure I’m going to get kicked out of the theater when I go see Iron Man 3 because how can you not laugh your ass off when you hear Ben Kingsley do his Hobo Santa Claus teachings?  I’m guessing that his weird, not-quite-Texas accent is on purpose, but it makes me laugh almost as hard as Bane’s car salesman voice.  Ugh.  Also, that CG insert of him on that television screen in Air Force 1 looks so fake.

So I guess we’ll be taking the Mandarin at his word.  In one of the previous trailers, we hear him say that he considers himself a teacher.  Lesson one has already been given and I suspect it has something to do with blowing up Tony’s house.  Lesson two appears to be “even if you seem like a good guy, I’ma shoot you in your face.”  I can only imagine lesson three is something like “I’ma tell you my plan so that you can stop it because plot.”

Now granted, I’d rather the Mandarin not be in this movie at all.  He’s a shitty villain from a period in time when it was acceptable to demonize Asians because racism.  So I guess Ben Kingsley doing his Texas accent thing is probably better than someone else doing a Fu Manchu accent thing.  But the more I see of him in these clips and trailers, the harder it is for me to take this shit seriously.  Between the flimsy, plastic Cracker Jack rings to his Texaswag, hobo Santa Clause is unintentionally hysterical.

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