Katsucon 15!

This promo makes Katsucon seem like a big rave, a big, juicy, art rave with mad crazy webcomic guests. Actually, that’s kinda how it is!

There’s quite a lot of footage from Iron Artist in the promo which was the inspiration for Super Art Fight. Shortly after this competition, Nick and I wondered if there was an audience for a live art battle outside the convention arena. One thing led to another and SUPAH AHRT FAITO was born!

It’s a year later and Katsucon 15 is right around the corner. February 13 to 15, 2009, Super Art Fight returns to where it all began. On Saturday from 2pm – 5pm, the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia will fall victim to an art battle to end all art battles! Okay, so it’s not really going to end anything. We plan to do many more of these things including a 24hour event at the end of the month. More on that later. But if you want to see true awesomeness, art like you’ve never ever seen before, Super Art Fight at Katsucon 15 is the place to be!

Television Fables


AZM Ally Kensei Dave writes in with news that ABC will produce a pilot for a television adaptation of Vertigo’s Fables. Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzer, producers and creators of “Six Degrees,” are writing the script for the pilot with David SemelSemel as the director. No exact details but Snow White and Big Bad Wolf will be featured. Wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to guess that they’re starting right off with investigation of Red Rose’s murder.

Apparently, NBC attempted to launch a series based on the comic for the 2006-2007 season. Nothing came of it, obviously, but it seems to have been on Hollywood’s radar for a good bit.

I have mixed feelings about all this. The comic is so great on its own. Some things just work better in comics than other mediums and I think Fables is an excellent example of that. It seems so easy to screw up in live action. Casting will certainly be key. Staying faithful to the source material may not be such a big deal to anyone but comic geeks. The trick is to retain the feeling of the books and so much of that comes from mixing of the art and writing. That magic doesn’t always translate well in live action.

So, Fables fans, looking forward to your favorite comic coming to the small screen? Is it better suited for a series of feature films? Or would you rather it stay in comic form?

[Via Hollywood Reporter]

Rise of the Batmen

I Are Batmens

Remember when Doomsday killed Superman and then a whole bunch of Supermen popped up claiming to be the real Superman but they weren’t and then the real Superman came back and kicked all their candy asses? Yeah, that sucked. So what does DC do right after they kill of Batman? REEEEEEMIX! Ugh.

AZM Ally Kensei Dave sent along this teaser for The Battle For the Cowl which drops in March 2009 and all I could think of was “Hey, it’s Rise of the Supermen only with Batmen! Hurray!” Oh, and look. There’s Damian. How annoying. What Harley is doing there is anyone’s guess. And I’d like to see more than just a token use of Batwoman. So left to right, here are my guesses:

  • Tim Drake rocking out his bo staff and looking ever so sexay.
  • Harley. Maybe she’s a red herring.
  • Alfred all dolled up in Army gear. I bet he’ll take to the streets to lay down some sweet justice.
  • Buff Bats makes me think Dick Grayson, the obvious choice to replace Bruce.
  • Display case for Bruce’s costume.
  • Two toned Bats could be Harvey. If you look closely at the exposed part of the face, the left side is scarred. Or it could be Bruce, horribly scarred after the helicopter splody.
  • Mech bats? Who cares.
  • Batwoman looks ready for some hardcore detectiving with her magnifying glass. Man, why won’t they just give her her own title already.
  • Damian. Blech. Do. Not. Want.
  • Bruce Wayne? Could it be that Bruce wants to give up the cowl to spend “quality” time with Damian? Is Bruce Wayne really a dirty kid toucher like we all kind of suspected? Is this just a red herring like Harley?

I was hoping for a more natural succession, kind of like Wally inheriting the mantle of The Flash from Barry. But with another big cluster fuck Crisis on infinite Batmen event, my interest in The Battle For the Cowl is fairly low.

[Via Newsarama]

Batman Goes to Arkham

Ackshully, we’re a little light on Toku news. So it’s back to the regular insanity!

Here’s a trailer for Batman: Arkham Asylum sent along by Angry Zen Minion Tyler Anderson. Since it’s coming out for the 360 and PS3, I’m going to assume that these cut scenes are all rendered with the game engine because that’s what we expect from our next generation. I love Killer Croc’s design. How does Batman ever beat a monster like that? Apparently, Joker has gotten loose in Arkham and is leading a prisoner revolt. And you, as Bats, get to go in an “negotiate” with the inmates. I suspect negotiating includes much ass kicking. Looks quite good. I hope they blend in some detective type game play along with the ass kicking.

MySpace and Dark Horse Present APPLEGEEKS!

Applegeeks Robro!

Speaking of Hawk and Ananth, our two resident Applegeeks did an 8 page story for Dark Horse’s MySpace Presents page entitled Robro. Hawk digs up one of his early robot inventions, Robro, and introduces him to Eve. Ananth’s dialog is really quite good, the characterizations are very charming. And Hawk took his already phenomenal artwork to new heights for this short story!

Hawk and Ananth, I’m so proud of you both! This is just the start. Really looking forward to that first AG collection.

[Via MySpace]

Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is Here!

Angry Zen Minion Tyler Anderson writes in with happy news that the long awaited Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix is now available for download on PS3 and 360! So aside from the gorgeous sprites that were hand drawn by the amazing artists of UDON Entertainment, a number of game play enhancements have been added to make this the best Street Fighter II release ever!

Honestly, I was a little skeptical. I thought, enough with the SFII already! Yes, it’s the fighter of fighters. Few 3D fighters have matched it’s supreme awesomeness. How could they make it any better? After seeing the gameplay footage, the sprite work, and the background paintings, I’m a believer. I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on this sucker.

[Via UDON Entertainment]

Batman is Dead. Long Live Batman

Batman RIP

The big gigantic news of last week was not the culling of mass turkeys nor the insanity of Friday’s Blackened shopping madness. For us, the big, ball busting news of last week was that Bruce Wayne, after years of fighting his inner demons and the demons that plague Gotham City, finally met his end at the hands of Simon Hurt.

Now while the mainstream news will latch on to the bit of dialog where Hurt proclaims that he is Thomas Wayne, those of us who actually read comics know better. Hurt is more likely the Devil himself, the impetus for Bruce’s crusade, the figurative father of Batman.

The question of Dr. Hurt’s true identity, Thomas Wayne or the Devil, is somewhat immaterial. The bigger question is, can there be a Batman without Bruce Wayne?

Will the New Batman Please Stand Up!

We do have ample evidence of the dangers of handing over the mantle of the Bat. Jean-Paul Valley demonstrated his ineptness as a master detective during the whole Knightfall era. Of course, Valley was nucking futs, although let’s face it, a man who dresses up as a flying fuck rat is pretty crazy to begin with anyway. The mantle must be passed on. Batman is more a symbol, a force of nature, than an actual man. But it must be passed on to someone who can walk that delicate balance between madness and sanity. So who should inherit the cape and cowl?

Dick Grayson is the obvious choice. And he did actually step in for a time as Batman after Valley got his ass beat. But I think Blüdhaven needs Nightwing as much as Gotham needs Batman. Tim Drake would be a good choice. He certainly has the detective skills and is possibly more level headed than anyone else in the Bat family. Jason Todd should NEVER get near a Batman costume and should probably be locked up somewhere. Damien? No. Never. For me, it’s between Dick and Tim.

Dead? Comic Book Dead or Dead Dead?

After 70 years of the goddamn Batman, I’m open to change. Unlike Spider-Man’s One Fucked-Up Day, the ending to RIP seems less forced than other comic deaths. No stupid magic spell that rewrites the entire fucking character in an instant. No Son of Your Mother’s Crisis on umpteen Earths. Just a set of completely insane circumstances that proved too much even for the caped crusader.

I’m as much a continuity whore as the next comic geek. I like my Peter Parker married and my Wolverine with adamantium. But for comics to remain relevant, there must be room for growth. Scott should be able to date Emma. Hulk should be able to turn Red or Grey or Green or Heather Yellow.

The mantle of the Bat should be passed on.

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