Happy Zombie! From Erfworld!

Erfworld 116

Erfworld 116 went up during Gundam Wednesday, but I thought it’d be more fun to talk about it today. In a few sentences, Rob managed to make my life hell drawing this one frame, “Wanda uncroaks thousands of Jetstone troops. Oh, and their armor changes color and emblem.” But I think the results were worth it. I actually enjoy trying to fit in lots of little guys in crowd scenes. You can cheat the background characters as long as there are some strong focal characters in the foreground. Enjoy! And Happy Halloween from Erfworld!

Frank Miller, “This Movie is NOT a Tribute to Will Eisner…”

Frank Miller's Spirit

“… it’s a tribute to my EGO!”

AZM Ally Kensei Dave sent along this little video interview with Frank Miller on the origin of his Spirit movie. There’s a touch of arrogance in the way Miller talks about his relationship with Will Eisner. It’s clear he’s approaching this project as if he had Eisner’s blessing. And yet every bit of this film is devoid of anything remotely resembling Eisner’s Spirit, both literally and figuratively. This is not Will Eisner’s Spirit. This is Frank Miller’s Spirit. His last statement pretty much says it all, “This movie is not a tribute to Will Eisner. It’s a tribute to the Spirit.”


So it’s pretty clear that I think this movie is a crock of shit, even if it features Chesty Johansson who I quite like in pretty much everything. The question is, does Miller owe it to Eisner to portray the Spirit as originally conceived or is he doing things right by taking the concept and making it his own? Can a modern interpretation of the Spirit stay faithful to Eisner’s original or must it be bloodied up to make it relevant with a contemporary audience? Pure shit or absolute genius?

[Via Yahoo Movies]

Black Panther, Dude Looks Like a Lady

Black Lady Panther

Leave it to Marvel to spoil their own big relaunches just to big media coverage. In an interview with my hometown paper The Washington Post, Joe Q and writer Reginald Hudlin revealed that in February, Black Panther gets a giant shot of estrogen. That’s right, the new Black Panther will be a lady!

Hey, it’s a lady!

In my mind, the Marvel Universe doesn’t really have a Wonder Woman equivalent. Marvel’s top tier is a sausage fest, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine. The ladies usually take a back seat. By contrast, DC has Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Bat Girl, Oracle. DC ladies don’t take no shit from no one. Yes yes, Marvel has Jean, Emma, Jubilee, Storm, and others, but they don’t really rise to the level of their male counterparts. Marvel would rather put Wolverine in every book it publishes than put out a Jubilee mini series.

Now that Black Panther is a lady, does this mark a turn for Marvel? Will we see a stronger emphasis on Marvel’s female roster? Will we get new female heroes that kick major ass? or is this just a publicity stunt to boost sales for a bit?

[Via Washington Post]

Robin Gets Emo on the CW

Teen Titans Robin

AZM Ally Kensei Dave sends word that Robin is heading to the CW in “The Graysons.” “The Graysons” will chronicle Dick Grayson’s horribly uninteresting pre-teen years before his parents were killed and he was taken in by a psychotic pedophile who dresses up in a skin tight bat costume to work out his domination fetish on the criminals of Gotham. Seriously, unless they retcon the holy shit out of Dick’s origin, this show would have to take place in his middle school years. And who gives a flying fuck about that.

Just like “Smallville,” they’ll likely plop Dick right in the middle of high school so they can cast lots of young CW hotties to sex up Dick’s life. And he’ll probably have to deal with hiding his awesome super powers lest his friends get hurt. Oh wait. He doesn’t have super powers. He’s just a gymnast. Um… does anyone really want to see “Paul Ham, the Wonder Years?” Because that’s what this show is.

There’s a reason comics usually gloss over Dick’s younger years. Sure, they prepared him for jumping off buildings and swinging from zip lines. But they’re not all that interesting. Dick’s youth is boring compared to Clark’s. Young Clark discovers he can fly, is invulnerable, and can shoot freaking heat beams from his eyes. Dick discovers he can swing from a trapeze. Sorry, that’s just boring. I guess there’s a lot of drama living the circus life, going from town to town, flying through the air. But otherwise, it’s an after school Cirque du Soleil drama special. Blech.

However, if they go the other way and deal with the death of his parents, we may have something here. Dealing with his recent loss along with going to school by day and fighting crime by night while living with a deranged millionaire pedophile is perfect territory for a CW drama. You relate the show to the brand, you make the comic geeks happy, and you win over CW zombies. Win all around.

[Via Wizard Universe]

Erfworld Gets Your Dwagon In a Headlock

Erfworld 115

Erfworld 115 is up. Record time! I just handed the page to Rob to letter only twelve hours ago! My favorite bit is the Transylvitian warlord pummeling the blue dwagon in a headlock. We also discover one of the silly limitations of this world controlled by game mechanics. Curse you invisible hex barriers! If we had another frame, the vision I had for Jillian’s splooshed gwiffon is crazy.

Spidey Vs. The Flood

Spider-Man Web of Shadows answers the question, what if the Venom symbiote multiplied, spread like the Flood, and took over an entire city? Wow. I love the symbiote versions of Wolverine and Black Cat. And you always win when you have Venom Ghidra. That’s just freaking awesome. You should probably just forget that you saw the third movie and replaced those memories with this game. The game drops October 21, just in time for Halloween.

Thanks to AZM Ally Kensei Dave for the link.

Erfworld Gets All Stabbity

Erfworld 114

Erfworld 114 is up and running. Looks like Big Red is going to have some stomach problems in the near future. I love drawing battle scenes, especially with Jillian. I always try to throw her into some insane pose that I’d love to see filmed.

The fall con season is starting to wreck havoc on my update schedule which is weird. I didn’t really plan on hitting many cons at all until the book was finished, but all of sudden, everyone wants to see Super Art Fight.

Anyway, enjoy more Erfyness.

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