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Jim Zub is the second hardest working man in comics, the first being Erik Ko.  It’s little wonder that the two hardest working bros in comics work at the same place, UDON Entertinament.  When Jim isn’t slinging noodles with the rest of the gang, he’s writing and promoting his own creator owned project, Skullkickers.

If you’re interested in publishing your own comics on the web or in print, you should already be following Jim Zub’s blog.  His candid posts about the industry are a MUST READ for any and all creators.  He recently posted about how Skullkickers has done financially since its debut and the results are sobering.

Jim is a great guy and absolutely loves comics.  He’ll tell it to you straight.  His advice on portfolio reviews is especially useful for any hopefuls out there.  So check out his recently post and then archive dive the hell out of his blog and get you some proper comic industry education.

Kick-Ass 2, or As I Like to Call It, Hit-Girl

“Henceforth I will be known as the Mother Fucker!”

In my mind, Chloë Grace Moretz was the real star of Kick-Ass. Hit-Girl was an absolute delight and is really the only reason I’m excited to see this one. While I think Aaron Taylor-Johnson does a good job of playing the comic nerd/turned ass kicker quite well, Moretz dominated every scene she was in. Even this trailer spends more time with her than the titular character. Kick-Ass 2 should really be called Hit-Girl.


Normally, I’d be a little upset at a trailer for revealing so many awesome things like ALL THE SUITS. But in this case, it makes me want to see Iron Man 3 all that much more.  It also looks like Pepper gets her moment to shine.

As awesome as it all looks, I still can’t get over how horrible the Mandarin’s rings continue to look.  But I think I’ll get over that easily while I drool over ALL THE SUITS!

Wonder Woman Fan Film Proves That She Deserves the Spotlight

Sick of waiting for Warner Bros to get their shit together, director Jesse V Johnson put together this awesome Wonder Woman fan film starring Nina Bergman as Diana.  It’s fucking awesome!  I’d love to see this as a full length feature.  I guess I’m a sucker for some good old Nazi bashing, but it kind of makes sense to do a period piece for Wonder Woman the first time around.  It would also be kind of interesting to see a history of other women through history sent from Themyscira as ambassadors of ass kicking maybe in a flash back or something. AH!  So excited!  And now, so thoroughly disappointed because Warner Bros hasn’t done it yet.

Thanks to AZM Ally Jeff Posey for sending this along.

The Third Member of LMFAO, The Mandarin

Mandarin Swag


What. The. Fuck.

I half expect him to jump off his chair, strip off that robe, and start shaking his junk at the camera.  Forget the fucking Cracker Jack rings, there’s absolutely no way I can take him seriously.

Age of Ultron, From the House of Idea

Hey Ultron, the 80’s called. They want their “Days of Future Past” back.


Does anyone give a shit about these giant crossovers anymore? I guess they’re making Marvel some money since they keep doing the stupid things, but honestly, after Civil War, I just stopped collecting Marvel books. And I’m a fucking Marvel man! Age of Ultron is the latest from the House of Idea which sounds a lot like Days of Future Past except instead of two awesome issues, we’re going to get months worth of slowly plodded crapola with lots of talking heads and complicated twists and turns that will eventually be erased by the next big event.

The only reason I can think of picking this stuff up is because Bryan Hitch is drawing the beasty. Hitch is one of the finest comic book artists working today. His pages are absolutely gorgeous. And though I am loath to support another stupid event book, his art alone will guarantee that I at least pick up the first issue of this mess.

Leave It to the Cartoonist Olds to Continually Shit on Webcomics

I apparently live under some kind of boulder.  Until reader Kurt Griffin wrote in, I totally missed Gary Trudeau shitting on the web.  February 2’s Doonesbury poses the question, “What happens to comics if newspapers go away?”  Panels two and three are left blank.  Panel four delivers the sucker punch, “Feel how empty your life became? If only for a second?”

Yes, yes, we know. The web, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.  Ugh.

The idea that comics can only be properly enjoyed in print is laughable, especially when the ones usually making this argument are syndicated cartoonists whose work regularly appears on their syndicates websites!  I will concede that reading comics in print and online are much different experiences.  But I don’t think one is more rich than the other.

The funny thing is, by leaving those two panels wide open, Gary has created the perfect platform for a webcomic meme.  A number of cartoonists have decided to fill those empty panels with their own punchlines.

Thanks again to Kurt for sending this my way.  I can’t wait to see those blank panels filled with more webcomic goodness!

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