Batman, Animatrix Style

Reader Nathan Yuen sent along this link with a trailer for Batman: Gotham Knight. The DVD release will feature six animated shorts from different directors. The preview looks amazing. There’s only a quick shot but one of them looks to be inspired by Murakami’s Superflat style. Brilliant!

DVD drops July 8. MUST. GET!

[Via Wired]

Astonishingly Animated X-Men #1

Though Emma’s voice in my head is slightly older than the voice actor they chose, this is actually quite good. Whedon’s dialog works best when read out loud. I also love the subtle enhancements to the animation, the little wisps of hair, the undulating ocean, nice and subdued. Cassaday’s art doesn’t need any fiddling.

I know Crossgen was experimenting with this style of animated comics and if they were still around, I suspect they’d be at the forefront of this technique. So the question is, if Marvel does more of these animated comics and releases them for free to spread virally, aren’t they subverting their whole subscription online comics?

Hope they do more and I hope more companies do their own versions.

Return of the Sons of the Avengers

Hawk sent me this early in the morning to start my day. I think the trailer is a beautiful primer on who the Avengers are. Very well produced. Has an epic feel. Then they go ahead and ruin it with this whole Children of Avengers Avenge their Avenging Parents thing. That and I don’t like the character designs all that much. They’re clearly trying to pander to a younger audience. This is obviously not for old coots like me.

Sorry Marvel. I’m still holding out for anime Bats. Thanks to Hawk for the strange wakeup call.

[Via Marvel]


Leave it to Marvel to spoil their own comics. So, without further ado, I present Anti-Venom courtesy Entertainment Weekly:

Anti Venom

What can I say, love John Romita Jr.’s art. Always a big fan. Not so crazy about Anti-Venom. A bit cheesy, like Anti-Spawn. Much funnier as Auntie Venom.

So, friendly neighborhood wall crawlers, let’s play the caption game! You know what to do, drop your caption in the comments.

[Via Entertainment Weekly via Occasional Superheroine]

Katsukon 2008 Parade of Stars

Finally got this all edited together. We get a sneak peak at what the webcomic guests are really like when they’re away from their tables and panels. It’s a frightening world of pain and sorrow.

I’d like to thank Applegeeks, Dead of Summer, Rockets Rock Out, Onezumi, Fragile Gravity, Paradox Lost, Steve Bennett, Quest to Nowhere, Staccato, Partially Clips, Erfworld, and The Fump for not punching me in the face when I pointed the camera at them. Although, now that this is out, they might do so when I see them again.

Stan Lee’s Ultimo

Stan Lee's Ultimo

Stan Lee does manga.

Drawn by Hiroyuki Takei and written by Stan Lee, Ultimo will be chronicled in Viz Media’s Shonen Jump. And that’s pretty much all I got. Oh, the character Dan pictured above is obviously based on Stan Lee. Looks like he’s dressed for sepuku.

UPDATE: Thanks to KamenOtaku, you can now experience the first chapter online. Um… well… meh. Only one chapter and it’s already convoluted as all hell which I suppose in some way is standard fare for manga these days. Color me underwhelmed.

[Via Anime News International]

Black Panther on BET

Black Panther

Reader Devin Wolfe sent me news that BET will premier a Black Panther animated series based on the Marvel comic in their 2008-09 season.

BET Cages Black Panter

I hope that:

a) This thing is simulcast on Adult Swim or goes into immediate syndication, kinda like Boondocks, because it’d be a shame if they limit their target audience to a specific demographic with such a cool and enigmatic character like BP… It’d be like making a Wolverine spin-off cartoon only available on Canadian television because of the main character’s nationality.

b) That they do a bang up job on the animation, a la say Gotham Knight or Afro Samurai. Dear God let them tap I.G. or GONZO…

Whole heartedly agree. It’s about damn time. Regarding Devin’s second point, I haven’t been impressed with much of Marvel’s animated efforts lately. They’ve all left me rather underwhelmed while DC still manages to knock them out of the park. But I’m hoping for the best.

[Via Variety]

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