Kids’ WB Get Amazing Spider-Man

Looks like we’ll be getting another Spider-Man animated series in 2008:

BURBANK, CA (MARCH 1, 2007) – Spider-Man swings back into television action in early 2008 as an animated series from Culver Entertainment to air on Kids’ WB! on The CW, it was announced today by Kids’ WB! Senior Vice President and General Manager Betsy McGowen and Sony Pictures Television Co-President Zack Van Amburg.

Tentatively titled “The Amazing Spider-Man,” the new series is being produced by Culver Entertainment. Greg Weisman (“Gargoyles”, “The Batman”) is supervising producer, Victor Cook (“Hellboy: Blood and Iron” and “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command”) is producer/supervising director. The series will premiere on Kids’ WB! on The CW, the No.1 rated Saturday morning kids broadcast slate.

“The addition of ‘Spider-Man’ bolsters a lineup that has proved to be the Saturday morning destination for kids seeking action and adventure in the most amped-up ways,” McGowen said. “We’re ecstatic to welcome ‘Spider-Man’ to our popular cavalcade of super heroes.”

“Spider-Man is such an important brand for Sony Pictures and we’re thrilled to keep the momentum going by taking it back to television with an animated series on Kids’ WB!,” Van Amburg said. “It’s also an excellent way to launch Culver Entertainment, our newest television company.”

Riding the crest of Sony’s anticipated summer blockbuster “Spider-Man 3,” the new animated series picks up the original web-slinger’s mythology at the beginning of his hero’s journey – as a not-so-typical 16-year-old entering his junior year of high school. Having spent the summer engaging common criminals with his new-found powers, Peter Parker must conceal his secret identity while engaging a new level of terror – the multi-leveled pressures of teenage life at home and school while combating bigger, badder super-villains in the real world.

“Our goal is to reinterpret these great characters and concepts for our millennium,” Weisman said. “We’ll have plenty of resonant material for the Spider-Man fan, while engaging the Spider-Man novice with the same thrills we experienced when we were first exposed to the character. Our stories will appeal on multiple levels with plenty of eye-candy, action, humor and colorful characters for the youngest demographic balanced with extensive character development for ‘tweens, teens and adults.”

Culver Entertainment is a Sony Pictures Television company. Sony Pictures Television is one of the television industry’s leading content providers. It produces and distributes programming in every genre, including series, telefilms, theatrical releases and family entertainment for network and cable television, as well as first-run and off-network series for syndication. With more than 25 programs on the air, SPT boasts a program slate that includes the top-rated daytime dramas and game shows, landmark off-network series, original animated series and critically acclaimed primetime dramas, comedies and telefilms. SPT ( is a Sony Pictures Entertainment company.

A leader in children’s programming, Kids’ WB! continues to be a unique destination for kids. Kids’ WB!, now airing on The CW Network, has been the broadcast home for such cornerstone hits as the blockbusters “Pokmon” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!,” Emmy Award-winners “Xiaolin Showdown” and “The Batman,” culturally diverse series “Jackie Chan Adventures” and “Mucha Lucha! Gigante,” and breakout hits “Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue!” and “Legion of Super Heroes,” among other favorites. Kids and their parents can find more information about Kids’ WB! programming online at

HAHAHA! This amuses me greatly. Warner Brothers owns DC Comics. They’re going to be showing a Marvel cartoon! Okay, so it’s not a big scary conspiracy of DOOM! But it is kind of amusing. Kinda.

I always cringe when I hear execs talking about reinventing characters for today’s kids. Yeah, that’s all we need. XTREME SPIDR DOOD! I don’t like The Batman at all and I’m afraid they might take this Amazing Spider-Man in that kind of direction. But I don’t wake up that damn early on the weekends anyway so I’ll have to get someone to tape it for me. I think we’ll know more when we get to see character designs.

Halo Comics!

My brother never tells me ‘nuthin’!

Joe Q announced at his panel at NY Comic Con that Marvel plans to publish an ongoing comic series based on Halo! Fucking awesome! If you haven’t checked out the Halo Graphic Novel, get your asses to the store right the fuck now. It is ten kinds of awesome! Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev were announced as the creative team behind the series. I love Maleev’s work and I think his art is perfect for a gritty and realistic Halo comic. Oh yeah, and there’s that Bendis guy.

Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron Premier

The second Hellboy Animated film, Blood and Iron, premiers on Cartoon Network on March 17 at 7pm ET/PT! I absolutely loved the first one, Sword of Storms which is coming soon to DVD. Besides the animation quality, I really love the fact that the actors from the film are voicing their characters. Well, all except Abe. But the guy who actually played Abe, Doug Jones, is now voicing Abe and will voice him in the next live action movie instead of David Hyde Pierce. Oh look, here’s a Blood and Iron trailer!

Transformers Assemble?

In what can only be described as the worst example of franchise synergy ever, July 5 Marvel and IDW publish the first of a four-issue miniseries pitting the Robots in Disguise against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

New Avengers/Transformers

I thought I couldn’t suspend any more disbelief after the Dreamwave and Devil’s Due GI Joe vs. Transformers miniseries. At least that series had amazing Jae Lee art. But this! This is clearly just a grab for cash. You can be damn sure that if the movie wasn’t dropping that week, we would never see this crossover. How can anyone take this thing seriously?

As bad an idea as I thought it was, at least the GI Joe/Transformers crossover had context. The two franchises met in episodes of GI Joe if I recall correctly and in comics published by Marvel. But that’s still pretty thin.

This has the stink of cashing-in all over it. Didn’t Joe Q say that Marvel was through with gimmicks? I guess in light of all of those damn variant covers lately, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

Muttpop’s Wizard Exclusives


Muttpop teamed up with Wizard to produce these custom versions of their El Panda and Red Demon toys. El Panda Dragon is a tribute to Bruce Lee and Red Demon Vice is strickly Miami! Both are limited to 250 pieces each and will be on sale through Wizard’s site and at the Wizard cons as long as supplies last.

I simply LURV El Panda Dragon! I might have to make a trip up to Philly Con after all this year.

Erfworld in Dragon Magazine!

Check out the March edition of Dragon Magazine! Erfworld made the First Watch column! Oh hell, I’ve scanned it in for ya!


Enter The Spwug!

WHOOOHOO!! Diginin Publishing is taking pre-orders for the first issue of Spwug, a geeky magazine written by and for the geeks! Not only will you get a brand spanking new cover by your’s truly, you’ll also get a killer line-up of geeky stuffs: articles from Michael “Mookie” Terracciano, Allison Ruby, Richard “Pocky” Kim, and art from Garth Cameron Graham, and Dave Lister. And I hear there’s a section on cosplayers!

I’m really excited about this project and can’t wait to see the final product. Give the Spwug a try! It’s less filling and tastes great.

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