And on the fifth day, Onezumi blogged! And the world trembled with fear!

Our good friend Onezumi has launched her new blog, Onezumiverse! Onezumiverse promises to be filled with great fun and much randomness as one can expect from Oni:

1. The main comic site is going to be largely unchanged. The comic and news post is going to be the same format and frequency that you are used to. I will still post over there as usual.

2. This site is going to be a personal space for me to write down reflections on life, mention funny movies and links you should check out, and post up art in real time. I’ll even be posting sketches so that you can follow along with the behind the scenes process. Hopefully it will give you guys a chance to get to know me better and I’ll have increased motivation to make more art.

Congrats, Onezumi! I’ll be reading and laughing and sometimes running away!

Be A Fake Superhero, Again

The first season of “Who Wants to be a Superhero?” turned out to be fakey fakey steamy pile of shit. The contestants were actors, not comic book geeks like you and me. So It’s really hard to get excited for season two of “Who Wants to be a Lier?” Auditions are still being held in various cities. Actors in LA can get their superhero on at the Universal Citywalk on February 16 with special guest star and creator of the show, Stan Lee. And on the 17 at the same location, you can meet Major Victory, the actor who won season one’s competition. March 10-11, auditions are coming to the Dulles Town Center in Washington, D.C. Depending on what I’m doing that weekend, I might stop in to see the hub-bub, maybe do some interviews or something. It’d be awesome if someone came in with their own Toku costume. KAMEN KAMEN ZEN GUY! HENSHIN!

There are a few other cities if you’re interested in this thing so check out the website for more details.

Edit: Shows you what I know. Turns out Victory was not the winner. Oh well.

Flynn in Iron Man!

Greetings programs! Okay, so he’s not really Flynn, but Jeff Bridges is joining the cast of Iron Man. No specifics on his role, just that he’s a close business associate of Tony Stark. My guess is Bridges will play Harold “Happy” Hogan. From the press release:

We are thrilled to have Jeff Bridges on board Iron Man in this pivotal role. His depth of talent and unique persona make him a perfect addition to this project, truly rounding out the ensemble. His character is central to the entire storyline of the film and we could not have asked for a better choice than Jeff to bring this role to life.

Man, who isn’t in this thing!

I’m a big Jeff Bridges fan. He made Stick It watchable. And who’s badder than Flynn! My money is on Bridges playing Happy unless they create another character specifically for the movie. Either way, now I’m getting a little excited about Shell Head’s debut on the big screen.

Avril, the Manga


No longer satisfied with being just a musician, actor, voice actor, and fashion model, Avril Lavigne now has her sights set on becoming a manga-ka. In collaboration with Lavigne, Del Ray Manga will publish Make Five Wishes in April and July. The two-volume Original English-language Manga stars a very emo girl who has no friends and whose role-model is, guess who, Avril Lavigne.

The art looks pretty nice. I like the loose pencils with the anime style cel shading. But honestly, I have no idea why I’m posting this. I don’t particularly like her music though I liked her small part in Over the Hedge and really want to see Fast Food Nation. I guess I’m impressed that she’s branching out into all sorts of things just because. Ugh, I hate to be inspired by Avril Lavigne, but it’s pretty impressive.

Anyway, I won’t bother with this when it comes out. Though the art is quite nice, this manga is not targetted at me. Besides, I already know where to go if I want to read about emo school-girls :P.

You Klingon Bastards

To quote Chancelor Gorkon, “You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon.”

If you’ve been waiting to impress your girlfriend with your Klingon language skills, you’re in luck! Starting in April, IDW begins publishing Star Trek: Klingons: Blood Will Tell in Klingon:

To herald this special event a bit more, the first issue of Star Trek: Klingons: Blood Will Tell will be offered with a unique variant—the issue will be available in a standard edition or in a special 40-page Klingon Language Edition, accompanied by the original script in English to aid translation.

Get your universal translators out! I wonder if it will be in Klingon script. Then you’d have to deal with alien words and writing.

Oh, and if you were confused, it appears that there are Klingons in the White House.

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