Shell Head Goes OG

Sorting through all the SDCC news, I came across Marvel’s Iron Man 3 complete with a few photos of the Mark Gold or whatever they’re going to call it armor from the upcoming third film. Now, I’ve learned from years of watching Kamen Rider to never judge an armor from a photo. It looks different when it moves. It looks different when it’s filmed. Something that looks like a stiff piece of fail can turn out to be an iconic vision when you put a proper suit actor in the shell.

That said, while I appreciate the break from the more traditional Iron Man look from the comics, there’s something about this that is strangely off-putting. I think maybe it’s that there’s nothing breaking up the gold in the front. Take a look at the back of the armor:

That’s actually quite nice. The use of red breaks up the form so you can see a definitive separation between the top and the bottom. From the front, the gold makes it look like one big piece, especially if you view it from a distance. I think if there was a little more red to break up the form a little bit, maybe around the waist, it would weird me out less.

That said, final judgement will have to wait until we see it in motion. And I’m sure if I was on the floor of the con, I’d be shitting myself silly seeing this thing for real.

Bizarro Classic is, Well, Classic!

I’m no big fan of Superman, but Robb Pratt’s classic-styled animated Superman shorts are truly something to behold. I absolutely love his interpretation of Lois. This Bizarro short is a follow up to his original Superman Classic short that he finished last year.

Warner Bros. is literally throwing money in the garbage the longer they wait to hire Pratt to take charge of an animated Superman series. This stuff would be killer as a half hour show! I would watch the shit out of this and buy all the DVDs when they came out.

Cyberforce Gets Kickstarted

There’s going to be a shit ton of comics news this week so I’m going to try to pick up things that are slightly different than the norm, like this announcement by Top Cow that they are going to use Kickstarter to fund the production of a new Cyberforce series. What’s so special about that? People use Kickstarter everyday to fund comic projects. Kickstarter is like the variant foil cover of this day and age, everyone’s doing it.

The big difference with Top Cow’s Cyberforce Kickstarter is that if they fully fund the project, they’re going to release Cyberforce for FREE in both print and digital forms. They’re even open to people sharing it via torrent.

So why am I posting a cover image rather than a Kickstarter campaign? Good fucking question. So they did this big announcement with the LA Times and there’s no link to the project. It hasn’t launched yet so we have no idea what kind of incentives they’re offering or what kind of money they’re looking for. Also, I’m not sure how much heat Cyberforce has these days. Will people shell out the money or just sit back and wait to see if it gets funded to get free comics? Oh, and how will the contributors feel about people who didn’t pay money getting free comics? I don’t know, I see some potential for butt hurt.

If/when the Kickstarter actually launches, I’ll probably have some more informed opinions on this thing. I think it’s a pretty interesting move. The idea of giving away comics once production costs are covered is pretty interesting for a major publisher to mess with. I would have expected something like this from an indy comicker or a small press house, but Top Cow is one of the big guys (relatively speaking). If it proves successful, I think we might be seeing more comic companies consider this kind of model.

From: Bleeding Cool

Amazing Spider-Man is a Worthy Reboot

I was among the first to decry the reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise. The disappointing memory of Spider-Man 3 had yet to fade and already they were announcing a new direction. When the first photos of the actual suit, my disdain only deepened.

And then the previews started trickling out and my interest was piqued. What was this about Peter’s parents? That’s an angle that hasn’t been explored properly in any of the movies, the cartoons, the games, or even the comics. Could this new take on Spider-Man actually be something actually new? By the time I saw the first full trailer in a theater, I was ready to be amazed. My nerd rage was quelled and on July 3, there I was in a crowded theater waiting for that familiar MARVEL title crawl to fill my vision.

Before I drop into spoiler territory, I want to say now that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I think it’s more deep than the Raimi Spider Trilogy. However, I can’t deny that without the first Spider-Man flick, this one would not have been possible. I really believe that Raimi’s first Spider-Man helped usher in a new era of comic book flicks that has been, for the most part, quite awesome for us comic book nerds. So I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. That said, I preferred this new take on Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield’s performance as Peter Parker is more believable and honest than Toby Maguire’s. Emma Stone is stunning as Gwen and the chemistry between her and Garfield is magical. They’re a stronger couple that Maguire or Dunst ever were through three films. I hope they continue with the franchise and diverge from the comics because I don’t think I could take seeing Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy die. Though I know it’s doomed from the start, I just want to see them make it so badly. I never felt this strongly about Pete and MJ from the previous trilogy. I would watch a romcom with Garfield and Stone. I wouldn’t with Maguire and Dunst.

I could go on and on and on about how Garfield and Stone and how perfect they are together, but I’ll save you the vomit inducing love letter. Instead, let’s discuss some of the more spoilery points of the film and my one big problem with it that prevents me from calling it the BEST SUPER HERO FLICK EVAR!

Spoilery discussion below:

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What’s New Pussycat, Whoa Whoa WTF?!

Ever the masters of self-sabotage, DC Comics recently revealed the cover for Catwoman #0:

When I saw this thing, a horrible song instantly popped into my head:

And now it will be in your head forever!

The only thing I can figure is that the New 52 version of Selina Kyle has some kind of stripper scoliosis that allows her to contort into positions that would impossible for a normally-spined woman. Undoubtedly, this is physical trait is helpful during those moments when you need to steal things from a strip club.

Besides the questionable anatomy, what really irritates me about this cover is that from a strict technical stand point, it’s well executed. The lines are clean, the skin tones are warm, the coloring on the catsuit makes it look like patent leather. It’s clear that Guillem March possesses the ability to turn in some decent work. I mean, fuck, look at Huntress in this cover done by March earlier this year:

Sexy. Powerful. Spine.

Despite their insistence otherwise, the company that greenlit the Catwoman cover for publication cares little for their female readership. How can anyone possibly take superhero comics seriously when things like this get published ALWAYS? You don’t have to break a woman’s spine to draw her in a sexy pose. Sexy pose without spine removal drawings happen all the time. Just look at the work of Adam Hughes. He’s known for his good girl work. Click through his gallery and you’ll see lots of sexy poses that can actually happen with a real human body.

The internet is mercilessly mocking the cover as it should. Comics Alliance has collected some of the most entertaining riffs on the bloody thing. I hope DC’s editors will get the hint and approach their cover illustrations more thoughtfully. Honestly DC, covers like this make it seem like you’ve run out of fucks to give.

I Got Comic Booked!

¥P so rarely gets any press coverage that I usually freak the fuck out whenever someone writes about the comic. Brian Vo over at ComicBooked wrote a really nice review although he may have missed Miss Jessy’s arc because holy shit, the mellow drama attack. Apparently, ComicBooked does a Webcomic Wednesday(almost as awesome as Gundam Wednesday) so if you’re looking for more comics to add to your readers, check them out.

Thanks, Brian, for the review!

Tony Stark Has the Shiniest Closet

If Iron Man 3 was nothing more than Tony talking about each of these armors as the camera slowly pans across to eye fuck us with all the shinies, I’d be totally okay with that. I’d watch that shit in 3D. Goddamn, are they gorgeous. Click on the photo for the full resolution sexy.

From: Bleeding Cool

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