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Did you have any doubt that airbenders go Gangnam style?

It appears that the animators of The Legend of Korra are big fans of Psy! This little animation was done by Ryu Ki-Hyun who is a supervising producer for Nickelodeon!


Pond Life, Part 2

“We have a rule about the bedroom!”

The Doctor is the worst driver in the universe and it seems that future Doctor is just as bad. Also, not that this is any surprise to anyone really, but the Doctor appears to have personal space issues.

Pond Life, Part 1

Everyday this week, BBC will be posting “Pond Life,” a little mini web series giving us a little peek into the life of the Ponds between Season 6 and Season 7. I expect this is going to be a lot of fan service, but who cares. It’s more Doctor!

Mega-City Gets Mega Judgement

We’ve got a new trailer for DREDD 3D which tells us significantly less than the first one, but I’m still excited about the new film. The first trailer talked about the drug, slo-mo, which plagues the city. This one gives us some more information about Mega-City One which, from the YouTube description, stretches between Washington, DC and Boston.

That’s actually not too terribly far from current times. Sure, there are stretches of nothing between the cities of the Northeast, but those empty spots are getting filled in with suburbs. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see a huge megalopolis stretching across the Northeast sometime before I die.

Back to the movie. Thus far, I don’t think we’ve seen Karl Urban’s face in any of the promo material, either in posters or trailers. I absolutely love that. I’m always a little disappointed when I see masks getting ripped off of super hero costumes because the actors want more face time. I think it says a lot about Urban’s dedication to the character to keep the helmet on for the duration of the film. Of course, it might get shot to hell at some point so we’ll see his face, but the fact that we haven’t yet is pretty rad.

DREDD 3D drops September 21.

Daleks, Daleks, Everywhere!

Parliament of the Daleks?! Asylum of the Daleks?!! PREDATOR OF THE DALEKS?!?!??!!?!

Holy fuck balls, Doctor Who series 7 is going to start off with a giant Dalekgasm! I can’t help but start speculating. So we hear one of the Daleks say that “the Predator of the Daleks will be deployed.” Could this be a new Predator class Dalek? But then we have the Doctor saying, “I’m not a Predator.” GAH! So many wibbly wobbly things it could mean. The obvious answer is that, of course, the Doctor is the Predator of our favorite plunger buddies. But I rather think there’s something more to it. I never expect the obvious with Doctor Who so I’m expecting a lot of twists this season. Can’t wait!!

Dear Rap Industry, You Just Got Served By a Gang of Elementary School Kids

My brother-in-law introduced me to the best rap song I’ve heard in a long ass time, “Hot Cheetos & Takis” by Y.N. RichKids. The future of Hip Hop is in good hands.

Seriously, this is tight. From the hook to the beat to the individual verses, “Hot Cheetos & Takis” totally brings me back to the days when Hip Hop was more than just self-aggrandized posturing. Real MCs didn’t need to remind you how tight they were every ten seconds or remind you how to spell their names every chorus. They let the rhymes speak for themselves. That’s why I love this so much. The Y.N. RichKids know they’re cool as shit. See those smiles throughout the video? They don’t need to put themselves on blast, they let the rhymes do it for them.

My favorite verse comes from Ben 10 around 2:47. I feel like he’s the Mystikal of the group. I can imagine him just exploding in the studio laying down his verse.

They’ve got four freaking albums already that you can listen to at their site. And be sure to buy a copy of “Hot Cheetos & Takis” to support the real Hip Hop.

The Greatest Instrument Ever Invented!

Speaking of music that makes you work out, this… whatever this is is fucking EPIC! This is Joe Rinaudo playing something that I think is called a Fotoplayer which were apparently used to provide the soundtrack to silent films. Reminds me a lot of those old Spike Jones records except that I think Spike had a whole band backing him.

Joe rocks the fuck out! I would absolutely love to hear some arrangements of modern pop music to see if Joe can snaz them up a little bit.

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