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World Order — “AQUARIUS”

More gorgeous work from Genki Sudo’s World Order. The combination of their music and movement always brings a smile to my heart. No matter what kind of day I’m having, watching these seems to make everything better.

From: World Order

Skynet Attacks Our Palates With Dreaded Sushi Bots

If ever there was a soundtrack for the Food PrOn tag, this video has it!

AZM Ally Kaitou Kyle writes in with word that under the guise of Suzumo Machinery, Skynet has created a machine that can make 3600 pieces of nigirizushi per hour. Suzumo has been making sushi robots since 1980.

Sushi is by far one of my most favorite things to put in my face. I feel like I’m eating the artistic expression of the chef anytime I sit down for a good sushi meal. You can almost taste the soul of the chef in the food. I don’t think I’ve ever had machine-made sushi before, but I wonder if I’d be able to taste the difference. The temperature of the hand that crafts a piece of nigirizushi has a lot to do with the taste. Can the robot reproduce that? Better yet, can it reproduce that 3600 times per hour? I would love to do a taste test to see if I could tell the difference.

Of course, the other thing to do is to host the ULTIMATE SUSHI CHALLENGE to see who could actually eat 3600 pieces of nigirizushi in one hour.

From: Rocket News

The First Episode of TRON: UPRISING

Much like “Legend of Korra,” Disney just released the first episode of “TRON: UPRISING” weeks before its television debut. I was initially skeptical about the character designs, but they grew on me. We get to see a quick recap of the first TRON in the opening segment of this episode as well as a quick primer of The Grid that Flynn built that features in TRON: LEGACY. I especially like that it opens in 4:3 aspect ratio with a shot of Flynn’s arcade and then switches to 16:9 when we get into The Grid. Nice touch!

I suspect Tumblr will be flooded with Beck/Paige shippers. I think that’s probably a relationship that will come to fruition during the course of the show. I’ll have to give it the old five episode test, but so far, I like what I see. I’m really curious to see how TRON got from where he is in this show to RINZLER in TRON: LEGACY. TRON: UPRISING is getting a primetime slot premiering on June 7 at 9pm, Thursday night. I’m looking forward to it!


AZM Ally Henry Marx sent along this amazing collection of animated sketches by Junaid Chundrigar starring the Avengers and assorted others. The style is perfect and each little vignette captures the essence of each character. It would be so awesome of Marvel got Junaid to do some animated shorts to play before future Marvel films, sort of like the shorts that play before Pixar flicks. This would be a perfect lead in to Avengers 2.

More awesome 2D animation please!

Drive of the Dragon

Go for a drive, she says. Relaxing day in China, she says.

Best. Date. Ever.

Just in time for Short Film Fridays, here’s the full short of “Kung Fu Vettel: Drive of the Dragon” starring Formula 1 racer Sebastian Vettel and Celina Jade. I was wondering if this was a car commercial because they make damn sure to get plenty of shots of the bloody thing and sure enough, this is the first in a series of the Infiniti ‘Inspired Performers’ series.

I like the idea that car companies are willing to shell out real money to make fun things like this. It’s a big risk, especially since I doubt very highly that martial art enthusiasts give two shits about cars. But I like that this exists.

GAH! You Got Formula 1 in Mah Kung Fu!!

Drive of the Dragon premiers sometime today, but for now, check out the trailer. It’s full of furiously fast fists of, um, fury. Sorry, had to go there. This looks incredibly fun and silly.

From: Drive of the Dragon

The Gundam Store of My Dreams

Once upon a time, I had a crazy dream of opening a shop that would sell nothing but Gunpla. That’s actually how I got started doing webcomics. I figured the site would need something more than just a store to get traffic so I started a stupid webcomic which kind of got the whole messy ball rolling.

Anyway, if there’s any question about Facebook ads working, here’s some proof. I logged on over the weekend and saw this ad for something called Robot4Less. There was an RX-78 head on the ad so of course, I clicked the shit. And there, before my very eyes, was the Gundam store I have always dreamed of! Good lord, they have everything I’ve ever wanted to build including some kits that I lost due to a few moves here and there. They’ve also got a youTube channel where they do unboxings and other features.

I haven’t ordered anything yet so I can’t comment on reliability and shipping and all that for a proper store review. But I am amazed that this is a thing that actually exists. Now, if someone does the same thing for Kamen Rider toys, my mind would fucking melt.

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