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Gun Caliber Supports R5 Central

R5 Central needs our help and Gun Caliber is here to kick our asses into gear. AZM Ally Mike Dent is raising funds to bring back R5 Central in all of its podcasting glory:

You can check out some of the earlier episodes at the R5 site. And you can support the campaign over at indiegogo.

The Black Keys and SPOONS

“Lonely Boy” is the Black Keys song that just keeps on giving. First, there was the official video that made me want to dance always. And now there’s this, Deb “Spoons” Perry doing her own dance cover to the track. That hip shot is the best! I don’t think spoons have been this cool since Soundgarden’s “Spoon Man.”

And just for kicks, here she in on Australia’s Got Talent from 2008 doing “Black Betty.”

God, sometimes I just fucking love the internet!

The Greatest Iron Man Cosplayer EVER

In honor of Avenger’s week, here’s a look at Anthony Le’s amazing Iron Man Mark 7 suit. This isn’t the first fully functional Iron Man armor he’s built.

He’s done War Machine:

Tron Iron Man:

The Mark VI:

The Hulk Buster:

And a shit ton more like Zombie War Machine and the Pepper Potts Rescue Armor. Guy really likes him some Iron Man. You can check out more of Anthony’s projects at his website.

Game of America’s Throne

Got this off of George Takei’s Facebook so I don’t know who the original poster is unfortunately.

Living in the DC area, it’s inevitable that at some point during an election year, I’ll get all wrapped up in the proceedings. I try my best to keep this shit off the blog because really, politics is fucking awful. But this chart matching Game of Thrones characters with the political players of the 2012 campaign is fucking spot on. Although, I think there’s more behind Hodor than behind G Dub.

Gundam Unicorn Cosplay!

This is from the 2010 Singapore Toy, Games, and Comic Convention and it’s fucking AMAZING! I absolutely love the lights. Besides the long ass neck, it seems to be fairly proportional to the actual mobile suit.

Of course, nothing beats this sexy ass Gundam cosplay:

TRON Uprising

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for TRON so even though I’m not a big fan of the character designs for “TRON: Uprising,” I’m excited to see this. I love that there are nods to the first film throughout this like the design of some of the Red guards and the tanks. I believe this fills in the gap between the first and second films so unfortunately, we know that Beck’s quest to save the Grid from Clue doesn’t quite turn out the way he’d hope. But I’m still interested in seeing this.

The Dark Knight Rises

With it being Avengers week and Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, it’s almost easy to forget that another little comic book film is coming later this summer. Fortunately, the folks at Warner Bros have dropped a final trailer to remind us that the Dark Knight will rise July 20.

So maybe it’s a feature of watching this on a computer screen and not a proper theater with esspolotions rocking my chair, but does this trailer seem, I dunno, overly pretentious? Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to see it and the bits in the trailer make me all tingly in my nethers, but it kinda gives off a weird “too cool for you” kind of vibe. Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, it’s a good summer for comics and sci fi which to me is a great thing.

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