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Meet MABEL, the Slow Ass Running Robot

Skynet may be learning how to flay meat, but to be truly effective in the coming war against us meat puppets, she’ll have to catch us first. AZM Ally Greg sent along this video of MABEL learning to do just that.

Now it might seem ominous at first. The noise is clunky and somewhat terrifying, almost conjures images of primitive Hunter Killers chasing after people at a brisk pace. But thus far, MABEL can only get up to 6.8 miles per hour. Even someone who isn’t terribly in shape can run faster than that at a quick sprint. It’s going to take some more fiddling to get robots up to even human running pace. Hopefully by then we’ll have figured out a proper way to stop our impending doom!

Source: The Atlantic

Pieces of Gundam

I was sad to hear that the 1/1 Scale Gundam was being put into storage. I was more sad when I heard that it was not being sent to me. Well, AZM Ally Terrance Wong sends word that the 1/1 RX-78 Gundam is back! Sorta.

From August 13–21, the 1/1 scale Gundam will be displayed in pieces at Symbol Promenade Park in Odaiba. This is pretty cool because you’ll get an up-close look at the bits you wouldn’t have been able to see unless you had a big ass lens on your camera or helped build the thing. You’ll even get to sit in the right hand.

You should definitely check out Gundam Guy’s post. The photos are amazing and probably as close as you’re going to get to seeing this thing up close unless you live in Japan. I really wish it would go on a world tour. I’d absolutely mess my pants to see it!

Source: Gundam Guy

Conan The Barbarian, Head Will Roll in Your Fucking Popcorn

NSFW do to bare breasts, blood, and extensive use of the word “fuck.” Click when your boss is not in the room.

I know I’ve railed against remakes, reimagining, and sequels forever and a fucking day, but I’ve kinda wanted to see this new Conan ever since the first teasers came out. With this new trailer, I’m pretty well sold. Of course, it looks like they show you the whole fucking thing, but whatever. I don’t really ask much in terms of plot from my Conan movies! If there be swords and body parts flying, I’m in.

Spoilerific Recap of the First Half of Doctor Who Season 6

“Spoilers, Sweetie!” Do not click play unless you have seen Part 1 of Season 6 or unless you don’t give a shit about spoilers because this thing gives it all away.

And now we shall proceed to have a spoilerific discussion of the season.

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Wheatley Puppet

I’m sure this has been making the rounds, but Furin’s Wheatley Puppet is absolutely adorable! She documented the entire construction process which is actually quite informative and inspiring. For instance, I’ve learned about this Wonderflex material that sounds like it’d be perfect for creating henshin belts or helmets for Kamen Rider cosplay if I ever have time to get around to doing something that awesomely crazy.

Anyway, Wheatley Puppet will go down in history as one of the things that makes fandom awesome. I hope someone hires Furin for giant bags of money to make props because her work is phenomenal.

Gunpla Builders is Surprisingly Awesome

I don’t really like the design of the Beginning Gundam, but I’m not gonna lie. I freaking love this OVA series! It’s just so freaking meta and cute and awesome and actually makes me want to build gunpla all day long. Gunpla Battle is a pretty fun concept. I once kit-bashed an old 1/144 Sentinel and a Gene Simmons into a KISS Sentinel. That would have been awesome to pilot in a Gunpla Battle.

I’m actually surprised at how much I like this. It’s not UC. I dislike the Beginning Gundam. But it’s just too adorable to really hate. It’s like Gunpokemon! I think if AGE is anything like this, I might have to jump back on the Gundam anime wagon.

Black Dynamite Animated Series Pilot Puts Its Ankles Into It!

“Who is this interruptin’ my seduction?!”

This unaired pilot proves that everything that makes Black Dynamite awesome is amplified by a bajillion when animated! I swear to god, the world is a better place because of Black Dynamite.

I don’t know if this will be viewable internationally, but if it’s blocked, you may want to try the Adult Swim site.

Pro tip, puppets hate grenades. Ribbit, mother fucker. Ribbit.

Source: Adult Swim

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