Cute Chinese Girl Apologizes for Stealing Our Jerbs

Lisa Chan, the cute Chinese girl featured in Pete Hoekstra’s “Debbie Spend It Now” ad, has come forward to apologize for taking the gig:

I am deeply sorry for any pain that the character I portrayed brought to my communities. As a recent college grad who has spent time working to improve communities and empower those without a voice, this role is not in any way representative of who I am. It was absolutely a mistake on my part and one that, over time, I hope can be forgiven. I feel horrible about my participation and I am determined to resolve my actions.

Good for you!

Although, honestly, if you’re going to do YellowFace, go fucking full tilt. Certainly the ad is race baiting. Certainly it’s fear-mongering. But if you’re going to star in such a campaign, fucking own it. Somehow, I think I’d be less annoyed at Lisa if she went full Engrish on that shit. It would have made her seem like more of a character than an actual person. But because there was nothing stereotypical about her appearance or her performance, I think we saw her as an Asian American actor who made a questionable decision. I think if she had gone full tilt with her caricature, I’d probably have forgotten her altogether and focused my rage on Hoekstra. Who is still a fuck and is apparently losing horribly. Way to go. Ass.

Unfortunately for Lisa, now we’ll always see her as the Pete Hoekstra Girl. Whenever she shows up in film or television, there will be references to this terrible ad. Oh, did you see the Hoekstra Girl playing a geisha in that one movie? Oh, isn’t that the Hoekstra Girl girl in that massage parlor in that one scene? Oh, check out the Hoekstra Girl on the hood of that car in Fast Six!

Anyway, thank you Lisa. At least one good thing has come out of this. You’ve helped doom Pete Hoekstra’s run for the Senate. Cause fuck Hoekstra.

From: Angry Asian Man

Flying With the Red Tails

Red Tails opened this weekend at number two bringing in a very respectable $19.1M. George Lucas has been trying to make this movie for the past twenty-three years and finally got so tired of the studios rejecting the idea because the cast was predominantly Black that he put up his own money. He paid for everything out of pocket, including the damn prints, to get the story of the Tuskegee Airmen into theaters nationwide.

If this is the kind of thing George is spending his prequel money on, I applaud him. It shouldn’t be this fucking difficult to make a movie about one of the most important Allied flying units of World War II. It’s about time Hollywood realizes that a good story is a good story regardless of race or ethnic background or culture. And if it takes Jar Jar Binks money to break down that door, I’m proud to give George my money.

So what’s it like flying with the Red Tails?

First, the bad news. It really pains me to say it, but, well, I didn’t think this was a good movie. Too much of it just didn’t work for me. There’s a love story that’s based on nothing, there’s a Nazi prison camp segment that seems tacked on, the characters we’re supposed to sympathize with are kind of jerk faces. Now the good news. If I didn’t like it, chances are it will do very well. I am clearly not dialed in to the pulse of most movie goers. If my tastes reflected a majority of film audiences, we’d have some really weird shit in theaters.

Normally, I’d spend some time warning you of all the painful things you will sit through should you choose to sit through two and half hours of war movie. But I really want this to do well and I think people should ultimately make up their own minds when going to the theater. And as much as I didn’t really like much of the movie, there’s one thing that kept me wildly entertained. The P-51 Mustang.

Flies Like An Angel

The P-51 Mustang is a gorgeous aircraft. I have this gigantic book of World War II airplane illustrations and the Mustang has always caught my eye. There’s a character in the film who says something to the effect that it looks like it’s speeding even when it standing still. That’s the beauty of its lines in a nutshell. It’s a sexy damn airplane and you get to see a whole lot of it throughout the film.

Certainly there was a social aspect that kept this movie from theaters for so long. But honestly, I don’t think the air battles would have looked as good as they do if this movie was made twenty-three years ago. The dog fights alone are almost worth paying full price to see them on a big screen. They way they’re shot and edited really put you in the action. There are so many shots that we’ve never seen in an air battle before. Honestly, they almost put Star Wars dog fights to shame.

The P-51 is a scene stealer. Every time you see it on the screen, you forget the cheesy dialog and the horribly written one-liners. You forget the comically evil German fighter pilot or the terrible voice-overs of the bomber pilots. You forget that you’re watching a movie and instead get absorbed by the areal ballet of bullets and propellers playing out before you. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s gotta be scene on a huge ass screen.

Warts and all, I had a good time. There were enough air battles to make me forget a lot of what I wasn’t liking. Cuba and Terrance turn in some really good performances. You can tell they had a lot of fun with this movie. It was great seeing some of the cast from “The Wire” on the big screen. I left with a smile on my face. It’s not the best war movie, but you know what you’re getting into.

George Lucas, A New Respect

When I first saw the trailer for Red Tails, I thought, “It’s about damn time.” There have been two films about the 442nd. Why haven’t we had a major motion picture about the Tuskegee Airmen?

And then my friend Dern and reader Kwadwo Amo-Mensah sent me this clip of George Lucas talking about the film on the Daily Show.

For those who can’t see the clip, it’s taken George Lucas 23 years to get this film into theaters. For those 23 years, he’s been trying to convince studios to take a chance on good old fashioned war movie. And for those 23 years, the studios have rejected the project saying that they don’t know how to market this film. The reason? The cast is predominantly Black. The studios fear that the international market can’t handle a minority cast and since they make 60% of their income on foreign sales, they prefer to play it safe (read: play it White).

Finally, Lucas got tired of waiting and much like he did with the Star Wars films, he funded the project himself.

George Lucas is the exact last person I would have expected to call out Hollywood and the studios on their seemingly institutionalized racism. But there you have it. I have a new respect for the man.

Red Tails opens on January 20. It looks absolutely amazing and I am going to see it in the theaters. I think it’s going to be a really big film and I hope it proves to the studios that rejected it that a minority cast in a classic action war movie can bring home big box office numbers.

From: Clutch Magazine

How Do You Respond to Racial Slurs?

I never really know how to respond to racial slurs. In the moment, I just get so angry. I have some ideas on how I’d like to respond, but usually, I end up saying and doing nothing. How do you respond to racial Slurs?

Here’s the link to Justin Tse’s blog post that inspired the video: http://yllwprl.com/tMMOYL

Hiding Your Asianness

Apparently, there’s a new trend among Asian students who feel compelled to hide their Asianness when applying to college because admission officials expect more from Asian students. I don’t know why this kind of demographic information is being collected for college applications, but it needs to stop.

Here’s the article that I’m talking about:

Can Ken Watanabe Save Akira?

According to news sent along by Angry Zen Minion Vortigar and AZM Ally Kensei Dave, Gary Oldman has declined to star as the Colonel in the live action version of Akira, or Steve as it is properly known around these parts. Ken Watanabe has now been approached by Warner Bros to star in the role. Man, I was just joking on twitter that if they cast him, I’d see the shit in a heart beat. Way to call my bullshit, Warner Bros.

Does this save the movie?

In the manga and original movie, there are three story lines that kind of blend into each other. One stars Kaneda as he gets swept up in a revolution while trying to connect with Kei. One stars Tetsuo as he deals with his new found powers going from snot nosed sidekick to a godlike figure. The third stars the Colonel as he navigates the political quagmire of a deadlocked government run by, in his estimation, fools. Three major plots, three main characters, each get equal screen time.

If this is the version of the Colonel that we will get, well shit, that’s someone that I’d like to see Ken Watanabe play. Yeah, I still think it’s a bit of tokenism and stunt casting and what not, but man, it would be so amazing to see Ken Watanabe as the Colonel we know and love from the manga and anime.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s room for this Colonel in the movie that’s being made. From the version of the script that has been floating out there, the Colonel is a one-note bad guy. If that’s the way he will be portrayed, I really have no interest in seeing that no matter who lands the role.

Of course all of this, from the Kristen Stewart to the Garrett Hedlund casting news, is all just preliminary rumblings. No one has been officially cast which is kind of curious at this point. So who knows. Maybe a miracle will happen and everyone will back out and this thing will die on the vine.

Source: Twitch Film

Kristen Stewart Sparkles Up Steve

Normally here at Angry Zen Master, Wednesdays are pretty awesome. Every Wednesday is Gundam Wednesday when I dig up Gundam related news which, even when it’s not Universal Century related, is always awesome. But there are just days when something so horrible occurs that I must put aside the awesome to comment on the suck. And fam, this bloody well sucks.

According to this tidbit of sparkly news sent along by Angry Zen Minions Kwadwo Amo-Mensah and Bijan Houshmandzadeh, Kristen “Queen of All That is Sparkley and Pale” Stewart has been offered the role of Kei in the Warner Bros live action version of Akira which is called Steve ’round these parts.

And now I see what they’re doing here. It’s not just about white washing the film. It’s about building a new franchise that Warner Bros can hang on two hot young stars. They figure that if they’ve got this property, they might as well try to milk it for as much cashola as they can get. Pairing Kristen Stewart with Garrett Hedlund certainly makes for a sexy looking couple and a power geek couple. With Kristen, they bring in all the Twilight fans. With Garrett, they get some eye candy for the ladies and possibly any TRON fans still left out there. I imagine the trailers will have a few scenes of him strutting around shirtless while working on his bike.

Of course, their power couple has to be young, pretty, and Caucasian because Warner Bros thinks that’s what audiences will pay for. After all, even though Failbender was harshly criticized by the Asian American community, fans of the series, and pretty much every movie critic who had the misfortune of seeing it, it was the 20th highest grossing film of 2010 raking in $318,941,258 world wide, a little over twice the amount it took to make the horrible stain. No matter how bad the press will be for Akira, Warner Bros is banking that it will do at least that well, if not better.

It’s pretty insulting to the movie going public for Warner Bros to just assume that an Asian cast can’t carry this film. I think Akira has a strong enough brand that it would be an absolute blockbuster with an Asian cast. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll get that chance. I doubt they will listen to fan outcry. They didn’t with Failbender and look at how well that turned out for them. The numbers, unfortunately, are on their side.

Source: Twitch

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