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Self Freezing Coke

I’ve seen the videos of the coke machines in Hong Kong that sell self freezing Coke and I’ve seen videos of the same trick with beer.  This video teaches you how to do it yourself!

Now I’ve tried this trick and it didn’t quite work for me.  The Coke ended up icing up in the freezer before I took it out so I didn’t get to see the instant freeze stuff.  But I did end up with a nice, ice cold glass of Coke.  I suspect I didn’t shake it up enough initially to build up the pressure.  It’s likely I’ll try this again and again until I get it right because I want me a Coke slushy.

Help a Cancer Survivor Pay it Forward

This is my friend, Sam, and she is invincible.  I don’t know which is more impressive, the fact that she beat cancer or the fact that she beat a Baltimore city commuter train.  That’s right, Sam survived being hit by a goddamn train!

Sam is also awesome.  She wants to spread her powers of invincibility and help people beat cancer through nutrition.  She’s raising money through Indiegogo so she can get a culinary nutrition certificate to expand her knowledge so that she can help more people kick the shit out of cancer.

This is an awesome project.  If you can’t afford to donate, please help Sam spread the word and tell your friends.


Coke is Killing You

I don’t drink alcohol or smoke or do anything fun, but I do drink an unhealthy amount of soda. Coca-Cola is my beverage of choice with root beer coming in a close second. I know it’s horrible for me, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. And I guess that’s part of the problem.

For a long time now, health advocates have pointed to sugary beverages as one of the leading causes of obesity in this country. There have been countless scientific studies linking sugary beverages to over average weight gain. It seems the pressure has finally gotten to the beverage companies. Coca-Cola recently released a commercial highlighting the actions they are taking to fight obesity.

Though it is admirable for a beverage company to come clean and admit they could be contributing to the problem, some think this ad doesn’t quite come clean. YouTube user John Pemberton decided to swap out the original voice over with his own, seemingly more honest version.

If you want to be healthy, don’t drink the shit.

Easier said than done, I know. Even with all the knowledge of all the health problems and having friends who have struggled with diabetes, I still drink the liquid poison. Sometimes, it’s to keep myself awake during the dull work day or late at night when it’s time to crank out comics. Sometimes, I just like the taste. Because I’m a fucking lab rat. Ugh.

The Most Intricate and Fantastically Amazing Strawberry Dessert

I could watch this all day, everyday. Chef Seiji Yamaoto of RyuGin in Roppongi Tokyo is the genius behind this strawberry candy. Seeing the intricate, detailed work that goes in to creating such a masterpiece, I don’t think I could ever eat such a thing. I’m imagining a strawberry flavor that embodies to totality of the fruit. It’s absolutely so beautiful.

The restaurant has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to its creations and each one is just as fascinating and wonderful as this strawberry.

Nick Offerman, Bacon Eater

Was there any doubt that Nick Offerman loved bacon?

So apparently, this is part of a campaign to fight malaria. Check out College Humor’s Malarious site to see more celebs doing silly things to fight evil mosquitoes.

Dear Rap Industry, You Just Got Served By a Gang of Elementary School Kids

My brother-in-law introduced me to the best rap song I’ve heard in a long ass time, “Hot Cheetos & Takis” by Y.N. RichKids. The future of Hip Hop is in good hands.

Seriously, this is tight. From the hook to the beat to the individual verses, “Hot Cheetos & Takis” totally brings me back to the days when Hip Hop was more than just self-aggrandized posturing. Real MCs didn’t need to remind you how tight they were every ten seconds or remind you how to spell their names every chorus. They let the rhymes speak for themselves. That’s why I love this so much. The Y.N. RichKids know they’re cool as shit. See those smiles throughout the video? They don’t need to put themselves on blast, they let the rhymes do it for them.

My favorite verse comes from Ben 10 around 2:47. I feel like he’s the Mystikal of the group. I can imagine him just exploding in the studio laying down his verse.

They’ve got four freaking albums already that you can listen to at their site. And be sure to buy a copy of “Hot Cheetos & Takis” to support the real Hip Hop.

Gundam Pepsi Cans, the Only Way I’ll Buy Pepsi on Purpose

UMD College Park is a Pepsi campus. When I went there, there was only one refrigerator in Stamp Student Union that sold Coke. Everything else was Pepsi. And since I kind of hated college and associate Pepsi with those dark times, I despise Pepsi as well.

However, I may have to swallow my soda pride because these Gundam Pepsi cans are freaking awesome! I will not be drinking the evil swill inside. Nay, these will go in some kind of case to display for all eternity! Apparently, Jlist has them for sale for $3.50 a can. That’s convention prices!

From: Kal01

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