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The Most Intricate and Fantastically Amazing Strawberry Dessert

I could watch this all day, everyday. Chef Seiji Yamaoto of RyuGin in Roppongi Tokyo is the genius behind this strawberry candy. Seeing the intricate, detailed work that goes in to creating such a masterpiece, I don’t think I could ever eat such a thing. I’m imagining a strawberry flavor that embodies to totality of […]

Nick Offerman, Bacon Eater

Was there any doubt that Nick Offerman loved bacon? So apparently, this is part of a campaign to fight malaria. Check out College Humor’s Malarious site to see more celebs doing silly things to fight evil mosquitoes.

Gundam Pepsi Cans, the Only Way I’ll Buy Pepsi on Purpose

UMD College Park is a Pepsi campus. When I went there, there was only one refrigerator in Stamp Student Union that sold Coke. Everything else was Pepsi. And since I kind of hated college and associate Pepsi with those dark times, I despise Pepsi as well. However, I may have to swallow my soda pride […]

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